July 12, 2012
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June 25, 2012
Here is something that I did kind of spontaneously to tease out some “Mind-Only” understanding for myself. You will need at least 30 minutes to try this out. Take your time. It will only be useful if you spend the time it takes. If you have never...
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June 17, 2012
An article in Wired Magazine from March 2012 titled "The Forgetting Pill erases Painful Memories Forever". describes an experimental therapy for removing negative memories to help patients struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in...
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June 7, 2012
Twenty-three days left until dathün. I can feel my mind tempted to mildly freak out.
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June 2, 2012
  His armor is thick. His sword, swift.   His regret, unending.   His generosity is pure. His love is unconditional.   His pain, unforgiving.   His tear drop, hard, like the pain he's inflicted.  And his...
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May 3, 2012
 Hello Sangha...
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April 28, 2012
went to post a comment on Lodro Rinzler's  Jay-Z post, but the conversation is closed (??). 
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by ambika
April 20, 2012
"Another world is not only possible ... she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing" - Arundhati Roy My girlfriend posted the above quote on my Facebook wall yesterday. It gives me hope in the midst of much confusion these days. I...
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April 6, 2012
It's Responsible Consumption Month at The Interdependence Project, and as my personal commitment to lessen my environmental impact, I made a pledge to kick my "Chemical Dependency" by replacing the chemical-based products I love with more natural...
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March 19, 2012
Today is the spring equinox.  It is also a day-off from school (thanks to official remembrance of the birthday of Benito Juarez), and today is also the day I am starting a 28 day meditation challenge.  Before I begin, I am taking...
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March 8, 2012
Its been 53 years since His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, has been allowed to see his home. 53 years since Tibetans have been allowed to publicly express their love and devotion towards their spiritual teacher, within their own homeland. 53 years...
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March 4, 2012
We all want companionship. Either we want it or we are fighting to keep it. So, whether you are accustomed (or unaccustomed) to being home alone or sitting on the couch curled up next to someone, we all fear the same thing; being...
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February 23, 2012
Listen. That drill outside the window, They're fixing the street so it won't collapse under us. On the subway, a baby howls. Pull out your earbuds, Breathe in her high-pitched wails. The heart of the world is bleeding, and she can't shut the valves...
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by Brian
February 22, 2012
This week, Nancy Thompson gives a talk titled "Appreciative Joy to the World." It was recorded on December 26th, 2011 in New York City.
February 19, 2012
In Shambhalla, the Sacred Path of the Warrior, Chogyam Trungpa observes again and again that the softening of the heart leads the warrior into sadness.
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February 14, 2012
Love Sonnet #17 Pablo Neruda read by the Malis...   edit: adding the English text, a friend just sent to me... * I do not love you as if you were salt-rose,...
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January 29, 2012
As I experienced Ethan's transmission through the study-at-home recording of the Vajrayana practice of visualization, I found myself cataloging contexts in which I had encountered similar ideas. One was Miguel de Unamumo, Jesuit philosopher, who...
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January 27, 2012
About an hour ago, a friend of mine asked me what my idea of God was. You know, for someone who has studied so much philosophy, spent so many hours on the cushion, and has basically built a life out of learning to ask questions, I really had a hard...
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by Brett B
January 24, 2012
The Intro to Vajrayana class is really getting onto something big and deep. One of the reasons I come to Ethan's classes is because he says that Buddhism can grow and evolve in our times by borrowing from what has been learned in other disciplines.
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November 22, 2011
A new study by Yale researchers shows that experienced meditators may have less activity in parts of the brain associated with daydreaming and distraction while meditating and in their day-to-day lives.
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November 9, 2011
The wilder the weather is, the more the ravens love it. They just let go into the wind and let it blow them away. They play on it, they float on it. It's a game. Once I saw them in an incredible hurricane-velocity wind, grabbing each other...
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November 3, 2011
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