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April 17, 2014
  HOW DOES SPIRITUAL PRACTICE leave the meditation cushion and truly enter our lives as a collective? The whole point of sitting — listening inside, watching and feeling — is to build a container of awareness that allows us to distinguish...
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February 24, 2013
I AM JUST NOW emerging out of a long period of retreat where I spent much of my time in solitude — reading, reflecting, experimenting with various forms of prayer, and just sitting. The last three months of this period I spent in a simple guest...
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June 12, 2012
    This being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, Some momentary awareness comes  as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all!...The dark thought, the shame, the malice,...
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July 26, 2011
"The richness of the inquiry is worth being shared"  
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July 19, 2011
"No one in a corporate boardroom is contemplating how best to brand your spiritual practice for you."
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July 12, 2011
Real patience requires resting with the desire, and having enough mindfulness to not just grab at whatever is nearby. 
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July 5, 2011
One habit I've developed as a well-groomed American consumer, is the belief that questions, discomfort and uncertainty can be fixed by buying a product.
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June 28, 2011
"Two years ago I set out on a quest: To sift through the myriad of practice opportunities available to a 21st century American Buddhist and find a spiritual path that I could call home."
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June 15, 2011
No one in a corporate boardroom is contemplating how best to brand your spiritual practice for you
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April 4, 2011
From a reader: "How do I deal with strong emotions during practice? Should I try to ignore them or make them go away? If so, how?"
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March 26, 2011
There are three steps that can make meditation more than an exercise in relaxation (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but a sacred declaration of aliveness and goodness.
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March 18, 2011
Mixed in with the disturbing images coming out of Japan is a flower seen by a woman in Tokyo as she walked home from work after the earth shook and the waters poured in. Yuka Saionji saw a little flower and thought, “all of us can now try to...
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March 11, 2011
In the last two posts, I talked about the first two meditation misconceptions. The 3rd and final misconception is actually the most difficult one to drop and it is that meditation is a form of self-improvement. In our meditation practice we take...
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February 7, 2011
We spiritual seekers want to open our hearts.  Whether we practice heart opening on our yoga mats or loving-kindness meditation on our cushions, we know that the heart is integral to spiritual awakening.  But wanting to give and receive...
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