Help Mindful & Compassionate Candidates: Creative ways to help & spread the word. …till Nov. 2

Thinking outside the box is the best way in politics, no matter how much stiff suits and slogans seem to dominate. Here are some ideas that show that politics can include lovely getaways to new and scenic areas and the arts --and of course something we can feel proud about. Try these or think up your own. There’s plenty of need, notably with a big election on Nov. 2. So get info to your people on Facebook and give those underpaid overworked young staffers a hand by offering to help, etc. JERRY BROWN for CA Governor and ERIC SCHNEIDERMAN for NY Attorney General are rare candidates, facing tough special interests. Can you help?


-HOUSE SOMEONE: Do you have a floor for a staffer or volunteer to crash on? Notably the last few days of the campaign. One place where there is definitely need is NY’s 20th District (Poughkeepsie up the Hudson all the way to the Adirondacks). Schneiderman led a rally there recently.


-HELP IN NYC, OR BY TAKING A SHORT TRAIN RIDE TO AUTUMN: Contact Team Schneiderman, or take a ride North. $15 on a train to Poughkeepsie. There are many doors to knock, mostly at the River itself. Other area campaigns may also need help. Tell CUNY and city school friends.

-OPEN YOUR FACEBOOK, ROLODEX, ETC.: A personal note to friends (or a blast if no time) re voting, volunteering, VOTER REGISTRATION deadline (Oct. 8th eve in NY!), donation appeal, is essential. Let them know that, ‘I will help Eric until Election Day –can you, too?’, etc.


-HELP LOCALLY:One strong group, on the Upper West Side, is,who go out and hit the pavement for candidates far and wide.  


-SPEAK OUT: churches and public events often allow announcements and time for shpiels.


-CHECK WITH YOUR CENTERS: yes, meditation/non-profit centers have staff and members who are passionate about politics. It’s generally a quiet, and it’s unofficial, but ask around and see if people want to volunteer, etc. Many places are Upstate, where there are big races.


-PLASTER YOUR HOME’S WINDOWS, OPEN IT UP TO PHONEBANKS: Bumper stickers help. Signs in windows help, at work or at home. Consider doing a phone-party or phone banks. Some employers support this and let their offices be used in the evening for this.


-GO OUT WITH FLYERS/INFO ABOUT GOOD CANDIDATES: People will see that, and you can tell them or give info.


-CELEB WORLD: if you know anyone in the public eye, try to get them in touch with a campaign. That can get interest/media for candidate (but ask the candidate’s campaign before doing this).


-POST TO NETWORKS OF ALUM, ETC.: Ask the administrators if you can post. An advocacy stance/blurb can work on lists that won’t let you mention a candidate’s name. Contact your old professors to get them to speak on their campuses, to encourage their students...


-MARK YOUR CALENDAR TO VOLUNTEER AROUND NOV.2: the final weekend/days are essential. 


-PERFORM: involve artists and/or musicians. A stack of flyers next to the guitar case while street-performing, is a nice independent action in public squares. As with anything, one’s songs or drawings need to be proactive. These small things can lead to signing up volunteers, etc.

            -Or tell an artist friend to go to the park and draw Martin Luther King, etc. There are many ways to help. (Once people are watching an artist, they’ll like the candidate that artist has flyers about…). People tend to stop and watch art and music, of course. People could try this Upstate, as well.


-RECRUIT BROADLY (NJ, MA, VT…): remember that NY has really big elections this year. Others can cross the border to help. A message like ‘Enjoy Autumn on the Hudson’ is attractive.


(Sign up at or, or in the Poughkeepsie area, which is looking for helpers.  I’m happy to help:

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