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Daily Connect: Slow Food, Slow Mind, and Comfort Is Overrated

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Today's Daily Connect is a reminder to be mindful of interdependence on several levels. A friend posted a vimeo on facebook of an old friend from high school, Joshua Viertel, now the director of Slow Food USA. His very excellent presentation on their agricultural and food awareness work is below. The theme of slowing down seems more and more important these days, but slowing down doesn't mean living a boring life. Not that we would start walking in slow-motion.  Walking in slow-motion is not necessarily a walking meditation. You can move through life quickly and efficiently and be mindful; it's just not as recommended for beginners.

Slow Food, and for that matter, the Slow Mind that a meditator is trying to develop, are about getting over our obsession with instant gratification and comfort, which are not only overrated, but destructive. Wanting things "fast, cheap, and easy" is deadly for our political process, deadly for our friendships and relationships, deadly for our mental health and physical health, and deadly for our planet. It becomes more and more apparent that a human being who can live well in the world to come is someone who is not constantly at the mercy of convenience. If we are going to live well, we need to transform our relationship to the object world, and that means forming a healthier relationship to desire. Enjoy your weekend!

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