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April 27, 2011
Directions for seasoning a cast iron pan. Clean the pan with soap and water. Brush your teeth or drink a glass of water* Dry the pan. Well. Blow your nose or stretch a little or do some QiGong Coat the pan in one of the following: Crisco...
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April 24, 2011
Happy Pastel Eggs & Bunnies Day! Although I’ve never considered myself a Christian, growing up in the Bible Belt kind of means you’re Christian by default. Jesus is all around you, especially on days like today. To some extent,...
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April 21, 2011
I just read this article in Science Fair about how meditation can make one a more rational decision maker. Since my practice has been a bit shaky this week, reading this makes me want to sit RIGHT NOW. Yes I agree, I do feel calmer and more...
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April 17, 2011
It's perhaps the simplest and most obvious of all the Buddhist teachings: everything is impermanent; everything will change. Try as we might, its impossible to ignore it. Today’s heartbreaking reminder is the devastation in North...
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April 16, 2011
A number of articles have appeared here on IDP, in recent months, on the topic of Mindfulness of Body. Last month, Kate Johnson published a thoughtful piece called "Mindfulness of Bodies." A little further back, in November, I published...
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by ellen s
April 13, 2011
The New York Times -- you can read it on your iPad, while drinking cappucino at Starbucks. If you read it on your iPhone, you can even make a phone call at the same time. Ah, multitasking! We all do it. We all seem to love to do it. But as...
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April 13, 2011
    My biggest thing that I have been constantly working on is the concept of Flow.  That my thoughts are pieces of energy that are constantly moving and holding on to one thought gives that thought power and holding onto it too...
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April 12, 2011
Guest Post by Andy Karr -- What does it mean to say that you "know" the color of the sky? Well, everyone knows the sky is blue. But what does that mean?
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April 11, 2011
(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) Spring is here and there's no better time to take your meditation practice from passive to active, from atrophied to on fire!
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April 6, 2011
(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) In pain? Try meditation. According to a new study from the Journal of Neuroscience, meditation can help with all sort of pain. It might even be better than morphine.
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April 6, 2011
"By cultivating an attitude of friendship toward those who are happy, compassion toward those in distress; joy toward those who are virtuous, and equanimity toward those who are unvirtuous, lucidity arises in the mind."  Yoga Sutra...
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April 6, 2011
Sometimes I just don't feel like a warrior. Last week in class, Ethan pointed out that the way the word "warrior" is used in the Shambhala tradition is a translation of the Tibetan word pawo, meaning, one who is brave. I don't...
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April 4, 2011
From a reader: "How do I deal with strong emotions during practice? Should I try to ignore them or make them go away? If so, how?"
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April 1, 2011
Happy April Fools Day all! Have you had any good jokes played so far? Google TISP is a good April Fools' joke. I wrote a comment on my facebook and twitter feeds today, but then read this great article from Salon.com, My Month of No Snark.
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