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see them as us (for Doan Sunim)

 see them as us (for Do-an Sunim)

peaks and valleys 
red and violet 
long, short, All vibrations

two similar combine; and meeting, add and reinforce the effect of each other
two, Up and Down, meet as Equal correspondences; and cancel each other out.
interfering polarizations cause Many lusters

a thicker skin
actually expresses the complementary; thinning.
The wave from inside travels longer distances than the outer

thinning, out of step; a reflection refracts
thinning more, another reflection
thinning, from all directions, fade to darkness
thinning, black on black; the Whole is still there

hear their rich voices flow through the darkness
bump, arising, burst
spring flowers show themselves as flowers




two bubbles- see how the light moves?





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This is lovely Joren, thank you!

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