What Would Sid Do?

That's my couch and not my pet.

These very large, speedy, and hey they can fly too, NYC guests are a hindrance to my practice, but yet not listed as one of the 5 hindrances. Go figure.

I think I stole Ethan's subject line Title, but really, What Would Sid do?

I tried to shoo it out of my front door from where I saw it run in from, but to no avail. It just freaked out, moved faster, fluttered wings and of course I screamed. Total mayhem.


Then I asked it kindly to get off my couch and not lay any eggs. It ran underneath the couch. I lifted my couch to face the dragon. It didn't like this situation and flew/lept onto the floor. These dudes are superbugs.

It scurried behind my refrigerator and sink area. Out of sight ... out of mind???

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