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Fearless Love: Learning to Lean-In from My 3-Year-Old

This extraordinary description of fearless love, on behalf of my 3-year-old, is a constant reminder to soften, listen, and open to my shaky heart. Here, my 3- year-old describes – without prompting or any previous conversations about love, human nature, and pain – what we instinctively know, yet tend to run from. (The last line, which is hard to hear, is "I just know it.")

Thank you, Lia. I love you!

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Fearless Love....

Very sweet Lauren. Thank you for sharing Lia's heartful wisdom with us. May she continue to inspire you and others with her golden, fearless heart. Blessings to you both! -BILL

It takes one to...

As the saying goes, it takes a golden fearless heart to appreciate golden fearlessness in others.  So thank YOU for sharing yours! Lauren

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