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Cluelessness as the Gateway to Change

There’s this amazing and pure potentiality that lies In the midst of our confusion and turmoil. Not knowing is not our enemy but our salvation. Having all of the answers all of the time leaves us with very little. Being clueless and aware of how clueless we really are is a very good place to be. Once we are open to our cluelessness, anything is possible.

There’s something about a new year which reminds us that change is not only possible but inevitable.

You never step into the same river twice. You are not the same person you were when you first started reading these words, and moments from now you will have changed in even the subtlest of ways. And on and on it goes like this.

The fact that everything is in a constant state of evolution serves as a catalyst both for relief and dismay.

The relief part says "Yay! What is painful to me now can and will eventually end!"

The dismay part cries "Yikes! The things that I am attached to and things that cause me pleasure will eventually be taken away!"

Finding that place that isn’t beholden to the comings and goings of your outer experience is one of the most important things you can do with your life.

Rather than getting caught up in trying to fix ourselves one more time, we can use this new year as a reminder that we are never as stuck as we think we are. We must never give up on ourselves or each other or this world. We can work with the energy of change to bring about happiness and fairness to everyone, everywhere.

By keeping our intention sincere and by remembering that we live in a dynamic, ever evolving universe we can transform ourselves and this world we live in.

Happy New Year.

-Lawrence Grecco

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