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Saturday Morning Cartoon #3: A Hungry Ghost

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You're onto something Matt Jones. The speed of the lines and the skill with which you render the figures imbue the lyrics with a lot of personal meaning. I like how you chose to break up the lyrics into panels and when to add emphasis (atomic bomb especially ). This is fertile ground for more and I'm looking forward to it.
Brian D


Thanks for the feedback Brian! Kind and helpful words. You'll see more of these.

that made my day

again - that made my day!

I like listening to the song and scrolling through the panels in sync. Good stuff sir... good stuff!


Love it, looks great

Love it, looks great. Nice to see the transformation from photos to pen and ink to comic.

Especially love the crazy shade angles (all panels but more prevalent in the 13th panel).

What was the base for the creation of the text?

Keep up the great work Matt, its great to see peoples passion pour out in their artwork.


Black Flag

Thanks Ron, glad you posted the comment here. The text is the lyrics from Black Flag's "Gimme Gimme Gimme" (the Rollins version from the album Damaged). These comics are about finding one's way (or so I've come to think) into maturity. Or something like that. Black Flag's lyrics are great examples of a juvenile impulse. The character in the comic is in the juvenile state. Eventually he'll evolve but that won't be for a year or two. Or maybe he'll jump around in his time stream. We'll see.


This came out FANATSTIC Matt!!! The lines are so active and everything feels so connected!!! I LOVE how in the panel where the character says "1,2,3,4!" for the second time that the lines emit {omit?} from around the "phrase bubble" subtle but a nice detail!!!!!!!

Keep them COMING!!!!



Thanks Wren!!


The series came out really great!


Thank you!

Awesome Mattie...love seeing

Awesome Mattie...love seeing these characters on canvas too...in pen ink!!!


Who's this? Thanks so much!!

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