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Contemplations on Occupy Seattle

the past is pulling me back and the present pushing me forward

Contemplations on Occupy Seattle,

I often feel that I have so little to offer to the movement. I am not as brave or steadfast or selfless as so many of you. I want to share some thoughts from my practice and experience that I hope will be helpful.

Everything happens so quickly

our thoughts

our reactions to thoughts

and the impulse to defend.

I have a tendency to react on the inside before I react on the outside.

Pre-emptive self-defense is a tool our minds utilize to defend our ideas.

Why wouldn’t we?

Our ideas represent our selves, who we are in this society.

Who we were as children at desks and in doorways.


The things we did and the things that were done to us.

We carry all of this in our minds as we do on our backs.


Our ideas are our homes, especially if we have departed from the mainstream definition of ourselves.

And we all already have. Our presence here marks our departure.

But our presence here, in the heart of this movement, does not mean we are safe.

That we can lay down all our defenses.


But maybe we can, at least with one another.

I’m not sure.

Those of us who are the beneficiaries of invisible privilege can try to stand down.

First we have to stand down with our minds.

Those of us who have lived without protection can find great wisdom in our vulnerability.

I think we have to completely let go, at least in our thoughts.


Abandon any hope of fruition*


Imagine if this movement didn’t exist.

Imagine if you could not control any part of it,

if it flew into chaos, disintegrated, disbanded.

Imagine that you had no say.

Imagine that you had too much say.


Liberate yourself by examining and analyzing*


Sometimes we go to the precipice.

We can try to go there together.


Always meditate on whatever provokes resentment*


Maybe our primary tool is our imagination.

Maybe our departure is an arrival.


Imagine your heart broke open so wide that the whole world fell in


"The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house"

"I urge each one of us here to reach down into that deep place of knowledge inside herself and touch that terror and loathing of any difference that lives there. "

-Audre Lorde

All activities should be done with one intention.*

What is yours?


Yo soy un puente tendido

del  mundo gabacho al del mojado

lo pasado me estira pa’ ‘trás

y lo presente pa’’delante,


I am a bridge

between the foreign and the wetback

the past is pulling me back

and the present pushing me forward

-Gloria Anzaldua


* All stars indicate a slogan from The Mind Training Slogans of Atisha.

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Happy Solstice

Thank you for this and for being willing to lead the IDP in Seattle. We so need it.
Occupy The darkness... bring the light.

Thanks Terran!!!!

For the love and support.

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