Community Gratitude Journal 11.21.12

This is a community space where you can list whatever you're grateful for.

"When we feel true gratitude, whether toward particular people or toward life, loving-kindness will flow from us naturally. When we connect with another person through gratitude, the barriers that separate us begin to melt." Joseph Goldstein

Today I am grateful for:

-- our bodies' amazing ability to heal

-- my naturopath, who helps things along

-- the bumper sticker I saw on the way to work: Wag More, Bark Less. my new motto.

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metta, metal & mindfulness make me merry

I'm grateful for

-Being alive. 
-Having the time & drive to write. 
- Having the chance to reconnect with my family, bros, & buds. 
- Everyone at IDP for helping me shift my perspective toward some quality light.
- Being given the opportunity to transcend a past age. 
- My local libraries.
- Teeel & Alcest .
- My functional neurologist.
- His awesome secretary .
- Recent conversations with my mom about untying karmic knots.
- My grandparents. 

Wow...that was my first gratitude list! I'm hoping to make this a new habit. Thanks for the heads up on it =)

Babies, fresh air, banana toast

So much to give thanks for...
Holding a dear friends new one, little cries and scrunchy faces that give distinguished directions to coddle, feed, change
Napping with said little one and his almost two year old sister
Toast with peanut butter, banana, honey and a little salt
The fresh, out of the city, maple tree air
Friends that have been walking side by side for almost 20 years
Refillable water bottles

So grateful to be teaching in such an awesome environment

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to teach AND LEARN in such a unique environment like IDP. What a wonderfully amazing group of people you all are. Thank you!

gratitude meditation

I'm grateful for the people who come to meditate with me, who sit together and alone.
for their donations tonight to Hurricane Sandy relief
for the golden light of ratna, the energy of abundance and appreciation of the richness of life.
for y'all
and cheese

Grateful for:

Sharing good food, wine, and laughs with wonderful friends tomorrow
Reading a terrific book
the Cease Fire
Warm memories of Thanksgivings past

Grateful for

Grateful for:

* a long weekend ahead with family and friends 
* doctor reports from two family members that they are healthy
* meditation practice and the IDP community
* electricity back in our apt. and heat to be restored by Friday 
* 80s music
* Kim's beautiful toes
* time to paint and draw


grateful for hikes and apple pancakes with my boys today
grateful to let go of things
to be getting over this bug
for the things that are difficult, and make unexpected cracks in the walls where a little light gets in
for Harry the cat who has such an uncomplicated agenda of giving and getting love
for the IDP sangha, and everything i learn from the people here :)
grateful to feel grateful

Grateful for...

- The days when I admit I'm wrong, particularly when it follows a long stretch of days full of denial.
- Those who hold me accountable.
- The dear friend waiting to see me after work.

Morning Circles

I am grateful for morning circles.

Morning circles are the best! Today my son's preschool class talked about the difference between things that are living and non-living, and grouped pictures according to which category they fell under. The class described living things as “growing and moving.” Oscar, my 3-1/2 year old old babes, knew that clover was living, and that a rocky hillside was non-living, though he wanted everyone to know that rocks sometimes do move downhill. When his teacher said this was because of gravity, he said, “Oh yeah, grabbity.”

Feeling grateful for

-those moments when reminders of goodness and compassion cuts through the din of my pettiness and small-mindedness

-receiving caring from unexpected sources

-all the IDP bloggers who, without knowing, have become teachers and inspirations

hugs. a mission of hugs.

I'm grateful for:
- my home's heat being restored yesterday
- the mini pumpkin sitting on my desk
- this stand up work station that gives my back relief
- the bus that will take me to my family this evening
- hugging my family. seriously. heartcore hugging.

Yeah Heat!

Yeah Heat!

Gratitude for Today

I'm grateful for:

The IDP community and the chance to serve them, and practice with them.

Practicing Tonglen with my partner via Ethan's guided meditation from Monday's class this morning.

Hugs from friends.

Green Tea Kamboucha yogi tea.

Kim's beautiful toes.

Peace in my heart.

Letting go.

This is Patrick M btw :D

This is Patrick M btw :D Didn't realize I wans't logged in.


thought i had a secret admirer :)

sometimes I wanna wrap my coat around you

gratitude for so many wondrous relationships, and ...

- joan didion and raymond carver

- everchanging favorite songs

- being interdependent (but not codependent) even when i don't like it one bit

- my beautiful toes :)

- new york, new york

Woke up again this morning

I am grateful my youngest is home from college.
I am grateful for my practice
I am so grateful for the friends I have that let me know I am not alone.

Grateful for: meditating with

Grateful for: meditating with my mother, which not a lot of folks I know can do.
Yoga Practice

grateful for the idea that a gratitude journal can have a life

maybe it needs a platform with a like button? A zinger of a webpage with a link? Some kind of social network of gratitude that inspires everyone and can be listed on Facebook and link back to IDP?

I am grateful for a mind that likes to move like a train
I am grateful for a morning where I feel I've done it all
I am happy to feel at ease with what is to come
I am grateful I just said I what I was happy about even though I was supposed to say what I was grateful for
I am grateful for bananas and the banana I am about to eat
I am grateful for the opportunity to make a list like this
I am grateful to feel done for now


robert, thanks for your insightful and brave comments, here there and everywhere.  happy thanksgiving!

I'm grateful I woke up early

I'm grateful I woke up early and kind of smiley.

Can I be grateful for first post too?

you can be grateful for everything

I often wish there was a "like" button on these journals because every post melts my heart.


me, too, nancy

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