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Daily Connect: Max DePree on Human Nature and "Inclusive" Capitalism

"One of the great problems of the capitalist system during its first couple of hundred years is that it has been primarily an exclusive system.   It has been built primarily around contactual relationships, and it has excluded too many people from both is process and a generally equitable distribution of results.  

The issue here is much more than financial reward:  Most people never get the opportunity to be meaningfully involved in the working of the system..."

Max DePree is the former CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, faught in Europe during World War II, and likely doesn't give an ounce about the difference between a "Hipster" and a "Scenester."  He is not a hippie, nor an "activist" by trade -- still his leadership style embodies a critical re-imagining of the way capitalism is being played out.

"..I do not know of a better system, but the capitalist system can be improved, both in practice and in theory, with the influence of an inclusive perspective.   The aim is not primarily to improve the results, although that is a significant possibility.   The aim is to embody the concept of persons, for a substantial concept of person must underlie an inclusive system.   A belief that every person brings an offering to a group requires us to include as many people as possible.  Including people, if we believe in the intrinsic value of their diversity, will be the only path open to us."

- from Leadership is an Art

What are other ways of organizing?   How can we create, as DePree mentions late in his book not a "leaderless society", but on that is "leaderful?"

Maybe this is what Occupy Wall Street is getting at?

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