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Learning to Meditate - The Photography of John Messinger

This morning I was forwarded an interview with photographer John Messinger and Mia Baxter of the Novo Project.   Messinger's current series of photos is titled "Learning to Meditate", and explores how sense of self, meditation and ideas of "advocacy" play into art making.

("Detroit, MI", 2011, 80 Sheets of Instant Film)

My favorite pull was from the section on "advocacy":

"I’m not necessarily advocating for any one cause or way of thinking with these images. That being said, if the work manages to inspire someone to slow down or think differently, if only for a moment, then I’m content with that. A friend recently pointed out that the word inspire actually means, 'to breathe life into.'... If my work can accomplish that, even in the slightest way, I’d be happy."

To me this sums up quite nicely how meditation, arts, and advocacy (or "activism") interrelate.

Check out the full interview here, and John's work on his website.


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