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Consumption: Week 3 of Fewer Books: Space

Sometime this week I remembered that my resolve was to not buy books until I gave away an equal number of books..in other words, there is a path to acquisition! I can get books!!!!! That just needs to rest on letting go, and creating space. This isn’t always easy, (for one thing, those old purchases from amazon are still arriving, and for another, I want to read these books!) and it would be foolish to just function in a mode of exchange – 1 out, so 1 in – but it is a reminder of the power of space.

With space there are options, room to breathe so to speak. Once there is space one could choose to bring a new object into it, or not. Here is a root source of freedom. Space isn’t vapid, or bereft – it is the holder of untold possibilities.

Now I’m back in NYC, one of the repositories of my collection of books, alongside my home in Barre, Ma. I went to a bookstore yesterday (yikes!)to get some book bags, in which I can place books to be given away. So far I haven’t filled them, but I will.

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I want to hear more about what your experience was like going into the bookstore. What was (yikes!) like?

Mind tricks

Thanks for your posts, Sharon. I can certainly relate to the craving and desire associated with reading (and keeping) books. It's also interesting to notice the tricky ways in which our minds operate unconsciously to perpetuate this cycle of desire (i.e., "1 out, so 1 in"). Naturally, once we know this cycle, we're less beholden to it.

I appreciated your reframing of space, as neither vapid nor bereft. Oftentimes, space--both physically and psychologically--feels quite nice on its own. I've got some spring cleaning to do later this month, and I'll keep this reflection in mind--ever watchful of my mind's inclination to fill the space.

Thanks again and best wishes!


Dearest Sharon,
May your book donations benefit all beings including your generous spacious self.

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