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August 22, 2012
“Wisdom doesn’t look like one thing.” DPR This is easy to forget. Today it looks like structure and ferocity. Tomorrow it may look soft and vulnerable.  It may look like what naturally arises, but it may also be the opposing force to what seems...
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August 22, 2012
That, then, is loveliness, we said, Children in wonder watching the stars.
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August 21, 2012
My earliest memories of being happy are of playing in the ocean. When our family began going to Cape Cod in the summer, the low piney woods, high dunes, and wide sweep of white sand felt like a true home. We spent hours at the beach, diving into the...
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August 20, 2012
From basic science class, I knew that I was actually looking at the light from stars as they shone thousands, millions and billions of years ago, many of which were now extinct.
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by Lani
August 20, 2012
IDP would like to start to encourage those who want to meditate in public (explicitly representing IDP) to do so.
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August 18, 2012
IDP members Nancy Thompson and Lani Rowe discuss the view of meditating in a public space.
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by Ngejung
August 17, 2012
  I started volunteering for the Interdependence Project out of a desire to help an organization that has helped me so much. IDP was my first exposure to Buddhism; last year, on my daily hour-long drive from Brooklyn to my college in...
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August 17, 2012
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."Muhammad Ali
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August 16, 2012
"The Mindful Activist" is a monthly blog where I attempt to share what I experience as my Buddhist practice converges with my political and social interests. If any fellow "activists" (also called engaged citizens, bodhisattvas, or humans) want to...
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by Joren
August 16, 2012
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August 15, 2012
Is meditation relaxing?
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August 14, 2012
When I was in college, I went off to the mountains for a weekend of hiking with an older, wiser friend of twenty-two. At one point, my friend described how she was learning to be “her own best friend.” A huge wave of sadness came over me, and I...
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August 13, 2012
(follow Kimberly on Facebook or Twitter) Here in the U.S., we love to have a lot of choices.  Our supermarkets and department stores are filled with nearly identical products (there are literally 20 different brands of chocolate at my local...
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August 12, 2012
(follow Ethan Nichtern on Facebook or Twitter) I love the Olympics. I just watched the USA Basketball team win a close game against Spain for the Gold Medal, and found myself rooting for Lebron James for the first time...um...ever. I think...
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August 11, 2012
Economics isn’t just about money and material benefits, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said. It is also about understanding and promoting “the enhancement of well-being.”
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August 10, 2012
After about two years of meditation practice, two years of off and on, here and there, but sitting in my bedroom by myself, meditation practice, a heavy blanket of confusion has been dissipated in my life, and I am able to handle life with a bit...
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August 10, 2012
A few months ago I was at the Met with my friend Erik, when he very politely excused himself to the next room, reappearing moments later. I didn't think much of it, until an hour later when he excused himself again. A little quirky, a little...
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August 9, 2012
Every time I fall into thinking that something will make me happy, I fail. This might even be the definition of failure. Everything fails us when we expect it to cause happiness.
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August 9, 2012
After our son was born, nearly six months ago, I marveled at the lessons he taught me. His determined effort to self-soothe was clear, even as was incapable of the act. His attention to the importance of every step was inspiring. He treated every...
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August 8, 2012
Making your bed trains the mind and makes the magic possible.
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August 5, 2012
Out Of a great need We are all holding hands And climbing. Not loving is a letting go. Listen, The terrain around here Is Far too Dangerous For That. Hafiz, Sufi poet and mystic PEACE TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ! *Thanks, Stan Lee
August 4, 2012
*Playfulness as a Practice*I think there's something wildly playful about embracing how completely and compellingly alive we are. Have you ever practiced the mindfulness exercise of sitting in concentration and asking your senses to come alive, one...
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