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July 16, 2014
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July 16, 2014
By habit, I am a fast walker. When I'm on the sidewalk, I usually behave as though I'm in a hurry. I can utterly destroy a pair of work boots within six months.  
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July 13, 2014
"We'd thought you'd float in in lotus position," a friend greeted me on my return to work after a month of retreat. "You must be so relaxed," another co-worker said to me later.
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July 10, 2014
Watching the World Cup with Americans can be a painful experience. The ignorance, and often dismissiveness, of Yanks towards The Beautiful Game is well documented. They complain that nothing ever happens, that nobody scores goals, and, of course,...
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July 10, 2014
              The body is like a compass in this age of poor navigational signals. We don’t know what to do next, though we feel that we certainly should be doing something next. Our attention and decision-making...
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July 9, 2014
There are some parts that are so hard or so strange that you can’t fathom what is under them. The sheer fact of those parts even being touched gently can cause confusion.
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July 8, 2014
Researchers at the University of Virginia found that two-thirds of men and one-quarter of women were so averse to sitting with only their thoughts for 15 minutes that they chose to administer an electric shock to themselves that they'd previously...
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July 3, 2014
It's happened.While being busy was the new black in 2013 --2014 (& hopefully '15?) is all about flourishing towards a peace of mind& DOWNTIME.
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July 1, 2014
Jeff was convinced he’d fallen out of love with his wife, Arlene, and that nothing could salvage their twenty-six-year marriage. He wanted relief from the oppressiveness of feeling continually judged and found wanting. Arlene, for her part, was hurt...
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June 30, 2014
Lately, I've been reading more and more Facebook updates and Huff Post-type articles urging people to "do what you love" and "live your dream".  Considering it's an incredibly difficult economic time and the U.S. has a 6.3% unemployment rate (...
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June 29, 2014
Tenzin Palmo walked into the shrine room, prostrated to the Buddha, took her seat at the teacher's table, and beamed at the 150 people gathered there. Her first words set the tone for a week of teachings: "Ani, you should not be in back. Move up."
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June 26, 2014
I can remember trying to 'feel' the swampy mess of bodily sensations and emotions I felt trapped inside me. What were these squeezings in my chest and throat, this panicked gripping in my abdomen? I knew there was wisdom in the body and that if I...
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June 26, 2014
It happens. Your day breaks, your mind aches… and, well, it all just falls apart before the clock strikes 8. Wrong side of the bed. Haven’t had that first cup of coffee. And all that jazz. We’ve all lived it, and we’ve all seen it happening to...
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June 25, 2014
Amnesty International's new campaign to bring awareness to torture included altered photos of HH the Dalai Lama, Karl Lagerfeld, and Iggy Pop.  However, it's been so distressing to many to see His Holiness represented as a beaten and bruised...
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June 24, 2014
At a weekend workshop I led, one of the participants, Marian, shared her story about the shame and guilt that had tortured her. Marian’s daughter Christy, in recovery for alcoholism, had asked her mother to join her in therapy.
June 23, 2014
A recent article in The Atlantic magazine reports that kindness is the quality most necessary to create and sustain a happy relationship.  Of course this seems obvious - everyone has an aversion to unkindness - but in practice it's not easy to...
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June 18, 2014
Three seemingly disparate celebrities have lent their images and their names to a new campaign by Amnesty International to stop torture around the globe. 
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June 15, 2014
Dr. John Gottman has spent nearly three decades studying and helping married couples, trying to understand what their interactions reveal about the couple’s chances of staying together or getting divorced. He gradually developed a sophisticated...
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June 14, 2014
From below to aboveAbandon Fear when recognizing the projections of our mind.Let light radiate beyond uncertainty to bring an understanding Evolving complexity by nourishing consciousness through simplicity. KEEPING IT REAL Some of us seem impacted...
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June 12, 2014
Actor Steve Buscemi, a meditator who studies with Pema Chodron, discusses the dharma with a Tibetan nun in this delightful episode of his web series. 
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June 12, 2014
As a younger man I often disparaged items of quality. A well-made shirt, I reasoned, was unnecessary. Items were disposable and had little meaning, so who cares if they were made well?
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June 9, 2014
(The Buddha) relinguished the watcher, and his mind opened into incredible presence. One of the first thing that happens on retreat is that I become aware of my watcher, the voice in my head who congratulates, castigates, and criticizes meand my...
May 30, 2014
When I began studying Buddhism around eight years ago, a weekend retreat seemed like a big deal. Then I heard about month-long retreats, and thought that must be a vestige of some archaic past. Who can leave their life for a month to go on retreat?...
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May 29, 2014
An Interdependence of Past & Present 2012: Lightness lends harmony to the self
 in stillness, motion & clarity, when 
Bone & skin become 
a stitched fission 
fueling vision.
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May 29, 2014
Whatever challenges a practice presents, there is nothing, but nothing, more prominent than patience. Patience will drive you mad. It will set you free. And it will always be the heart and soul of a meditative life.
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