Exploring issues of activism through the lens of interdependence - that nothing exists in a vacuum.

As we sit on our cushions, the world around us unfolds, even the simple act of sitting
cannot be divorced from the communal, social and political forces that brought us to the cushion. As we engage in social change work, our inner world also unfolds and impacts the way we relate to our efforts, and so we cannot divorce our lives as activists from our life on the cushion. For us, these truths imply a need for investigation of this intersection, and Integral Activism is our avenue for this exploration.

At the heart of our Integral Activism Programming lies the question: what is the relationship between meditation and activism? We examine this question through a number of lenses.

We view activism at the personal, interpersonal and collective levels. How am I relating to myself, to others and to the systems around me when I engage in social change?

What is my experience before, during and after social action?

Third, we examine the values we bring to those first two levels. Are we engaging in a way that is courageous, compassionate and connected, or separate, selfish and scared?

By paying attention to these questions, and asking them throughout our activism, we believe that we can shift the way that social change in conducted our own lives and in the world. We invite you to join us.

Check out our campaigns, get involved in our actions, and transform the way your relate to activism and spiritual practice.

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