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About Our Classes

When you walk into some meditation centers, you might feel lost inside rituals you don't understand, among people you don't know.

At IDP, our Buddhist Studies program is a serious but casual conversation with some of the best and most interesting teachers of Buddhism in America, and with a community of genuinely intelligent, creative, and just plain awesome people. We assume that students are seriously interested in learning the transformative tools of meditation, as well as Buddhist psychology, ethics, and philosophy. We also assume you might not (yet?) be looking for practice rituals which can feel foreign, religious, or dogmatic. Thus, we try to create a systematic approach to Buddhism that is:

  • Accessible: We try to offer deeply helpful tools for working with your mind in the context of a truly interactive conversation, instead of leading you down a one-way educational street.
  • Nonsectarian: We don't belong to any particular Buddhist lineage, yet we provide clear pathways to studying/practicing further through one of the various lineages with which we have affiliations.
  • Insightful: We are always interested in applying Buddhist thought to a wide variety of 21st Century fields, such as Western Psychology, Science, Activism & Ecology, Arts & Media, and more.

For our Buddhist studies classes, each weekly class begins with guided practice in mindfulness meditation practice or other meditative techniques, followed by a talk and discussion of some aspect of Contemporary Buddhist psychology, philosophy,and ethics. Beginners to meditation welcome (you may also start by dropping into an Intro to Meditation class on Sundays).

These classes include suggested readings and suggested daily meditation practice. For those with more in-depth aspirations, our Buddhist studies program now includes a certification process, as well as the ability to eventually go onto a facilitator/instructor training for qualified students.

Intro to Meditation Every Sunday 3-4:15pm

New or need a refresher? A basic introduction or re-introduction to various techniques of mindfulness meditation. Good for beginners.

Guest Lectures (Various Times)

Join our Buddhist Lineage Mentors, amazing Buddhist teachers, as well as those who apply contemplative practice to activist, artistic, or psychological training. We tend to have 2-4 guest lectures every month, and they are open to all. Check the calendar for details on our expert guest speakers and teachers.

Open Sitting and Walking Meditation - Unguided

Every Monday from 6:00 - 6:45 pm and Saturdays from 2-4 pm, join friends for the quietness of group sitting and walking meditation without an instructor.

Contact info@theidproject.org with any questions about these classes...See you there!

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