#9mins of Silence with Occupy -- Dec. 3rd, 2011


Foley Square New York, NY
United States


Sat, 12/3/2011, 6:00pm - 7:09pm


Calling all Transformative Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Wellness and Contemplative groups in NYC!!

As a part of a national call to Nine Minutes of Silence on Sat. Dec. 3rd  (http://on.fb.me/tntrzX), We invite you to join our NYC coalition from 6pm - 7:09pm to practice and offer Nine Minutes of Silence with Occupy Wall Street.

The goal for Nine Minutes of Silence is to offer a period of time for both Occupiers and folks from transformative practice communities alike to share a moment of contemplation and group intention setting together. It will take place in three parts:

  • Three minutes to contemplate the past—the causes and factors that led us to this point.
  • Three minutes to rest in silence.
  • Three minutes to aspire to continue in non-violence.

The NYC Meditation Working Group is organizing a silent contemplation walk from Foley Square to the NYC General Assembly meeting this Saturday Dec. 3rd. We plan to meet at Foley Square at 6pm, read a dedication of intention (copy here: http://bit.ly/uSg6SS) and walk in silence to the NYC General Assembly Meeting at Liberty Plaza. If approved by the GA, we will kick-off the meeting that night with nine minutes of silence. (Confirmation of approval to come later this week).

If nine minutes of silence are not approved by the GA, we simply have our nine minutes of silence outside the meeting before it starts, then proceed into the assembly as a group.

Please RSVP on our facebook event: http://on.fb.me/uGsbUj
or by sending an e-mail to patrick@theidproject.org

If you can't join us in this walk, you can participate by practicing in silence wherever you are, reading the dedication (http://bit.ly/uSg6SS) and/or participating in a nine minutes of silence at 3pmEST/12pmPST. More info on those options on the national call to action event page: (http://on.fb.me/tntrzX)

If you don't live in NYC and want to participate, check out the national call to action here! (http://on.fb.me/tntrzX)

Here's a flyer for the national call to action.

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Thank you so much for this invaluable work, Patrick and everyone at theidproject. I am planning to sit with a group at Occupy DC. Also, doing my best to promote and link local Occupy movements here in Virginia. Peace.


Great to Hear!  Please do share any photos or videos that come from the event.



Photos and videos to share and stream

Hi again Patrick. I will be happy to share photos and videos, and will also be putting them on the Occupy Norfolk Livestream either that day or the following week.


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