Sustainable Happiness: A Weekend Retreat with Dr. Joe Loizzo, Dr. Miles Neale, and Mary Reilly Nichols of the Nalanda Institute



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Fri, 7/20/2012, 7:00pm - Sun, 7/22/2012, 1:00pm



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Friday July 20th - Sunday July 22nd, 2012
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An abiding sense of well-being and contentment is possible for everyone. Join the core faculty of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science for a weekend exploring the science and strategies of optimal health and sustainable happiness.

Drawing upon the teachings preserved in the ancient Buddhist universities of India and monasteries of Tibet, the Nalanda Institute has updated ancient insights and techniques, making them accessible to our modern Western mindset and predilections. Using the language of contemporary psychotherapy and neuroscience, the retreat provides step-by-step strategies for profound human healing beginning with personal well-being, leading to altruistic engagement, and ending in transformative self-creation. Each phase addresses a developmental milestone in a healing continuum, from overcoming our traumatic narrative and stress-reactive biology to cultivating an empathic open-mindedness and pro-social neurobiology, and finally embracing a heroic self-image while harnessing euphoric neurochemistry.

Nalanda Director Joe Loizzo translated the full stages of this path from stress to bliss in his new book Sustainable Happiness: Mind Science of Well-Being, Altruism, and Inspiration.  This book serves as the template for Nalanda’s Four-Year Program, and is offered as a public educational initiative for contemplative learning and living. This weekend is an occasion to sample key elements of the program, which will begin a new cycle this Fall 2012 under the instruction of Drs. Neale and Loizzo.



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Friday Evening 7-9 pm Well-being: Breaking the Cycle of Trauma and Stress.
Dr. Miles Neale

Saturday Morning 10 am-1pm Altruism: Clearing the Mind for Enlightened Activism.
Dr. Miles Neale

Saturday Afternoon 3-6 pm Inspiration: Simulating a Heroic New Self and Life.
Dr. Joe Loizzo and Mary Nichols Riley

Sunday Morning 10-1 pm Happiness: Embodying Blissful Clarity & Community.
Dr. Joe Loizzo and Mary Nichols Riley

Recommended Reading

Sustainable Happiness: The Mind Science of Well-Being, Altruism, and Inspiration
By Joe Loizzo

Introduction available for Free here:

Book Website


Meditation, Self-Correction and Learning: Contemplative Science in Global Perspective
by Dr. Joe Loizzo

A Program in Contemplative Self-Healing: Stress, Allostasis, and Learning in the Indo-Tibetan Tradition
by Dr. Joe Loizzo

Nalanda Faculty Bios

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dr joe loizzo nalanda buddhism teacher meditation mindfulness nyc psychotherapyJoe Loizzo, MD, PhD  is Founding Director of the Nalanda Institute, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, and Columbia-trained Buddhist scholar with over 30 years' experience studying the beneficial effects of meditation on healing and learning. He is assistant professor of clinical psychiatry in integrative medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, where he researches and teaches mind/body health. He has taught science and religion, the scientific study of religious experience, and the Indo-Tibetan mind sciences at Columbia University, where he currently is adjunct assistant professor of religion at the Columbia Center for Buddhist Studies.

dr. mary reilly nicholsMary Reilly Nichols holds a B.A. in anthropology from Harvard University and completed five years of residency in meditation ashrams in India and the US. A devoted student of Muktananda, she has taught yoga and meditation in New York City for over 30 years. Her teaching combines Iyengar, Integral, and Anusara styles of Hatha Yoga with the Upanishadic tradition of the wisdom and experience of non-duality. She offers frequent workshops on classical yoga philosophy and psychology, including Advaita Non-Dualism ,and the Tantric methods of Kashmiri Shaivism.  Currently, Ms. Nichols teaches stress management in psychiatric settings and is involved in ongoing research on the mind/body benefits of yoga and meditation.

dr miles neale nalanda buddhist meditation teacherMiles Neale, PsyD is Assistant Director of the Nalanda Institute, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice, and the Buddhism and Psychology lineage mentor of the Interdependence Project. A graduate of the California Institute for Integral Studies, Dr. Neale teaches public courses inspired by the Indo-Tibetan tradition and collaborates on state-of-the-art clinical research of meditation

Note to Students in the Secular Buddhist Studies Program

You may choose for this retreat to count as any ONE of the four weekend retreat requirements for completion of the Secular Buddhist Studies Program.

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