Handmade Chocolate Buddha Discount for "Five for 5" Donors!

Interdependent sweetness abounds when you support IDP before Dec 31, 2012.


Bond Street Chocolates
63 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10002
United States
Phone: 212-677-5103


Wed, 12/19/2012, 7:00pm - Mon, 12/31/2012, 11:00pm



Local NYC "deliciousness" expert  Bond Street Chocolates is offering its sweet support to IDP and to all our generous donors with a 10% discount on every handmade gold-leafed chocolate buddha from its "Divine Collection"!  When purchased or ordered after you donate to IDP's fIfth anniversary, Five for 5 Campaign, you'll be included on the list for a 10% discount before the end of Dec. 31, 2012.    

We really need your continued support to make it to our financial goal this year.  Your gift is an integral part of IDP's continuing success. Much gratitude in advance for your contribution!!  Please consider making a financial gift in any multitude of FIVE so you can significantly support our commitment to more Secular Buddhist Studies training, special guest workshops, retreats, online courses, podcasts, social activism, innovative media, and the arts in 2013.

DONATE to the Interdependence Project, and if you'd like, buy some rich dark-chocolate holiday presents too. Either way, you contribute to your sweetest values!

HOW IT WORKS:   All new donations (from Dec. 19 - Dec. 31) given through this Five for FIve donation page are included on the donors list provided to Bond Street Chocolates for the 10% discount when you drop in the store or order by mail any of the three sizes of the gold-leafed chocolate buddhas.

Bond Street Chocolates  http://www.bondstchocolate.com/our_chocolates.html

Thank you so much!

A  warmest holiday season to you and yours from all of us at the Interdependence Project.







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Question on Admission

If I wanted to purchase admission for myself and my husband, should I use the $100 level for myself and someone "who can't afford it" or should I pay twice? Should I do the $100 level and leave instruction that it is for two people? Looking forward to it!

hello! you're welcome to


you're welcome to purchase the $100 option...just make a note in checkout that it is for you and your husband.

see you there!




And we may also want to bring a nonmember friend--can she buy tix directly or do I need to buy if for her? Or can she pay at the door?

Charging for a holiday party?

You people really miss the point.

I'm delighted...

..to be contributing to a community that gives me 5x + what I put into it.

Best holiday party and fundraiser there is.



Choose the price and go through the order process, until you get to Checkout page, where it says "Order Comments" - use this area for special instructions and to specify that you are purchasing X tickets for you and guest(s)

why can't I buy more than one ticket?

I want to buy one for me and guest. is this possible?


Choose the price and go through the order process, until you get to Checkout page, where it says "Order Comments" - use this area for special instructions and to specify that you are purchasing X tickets for you and guest(s)

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