Heavy Metta! IDP 30-Day Lovingkindness Meditation Marathon

Your heart is a muscle, love is a skill, jumpstart your heart!


Thu, 8/1/2013 (All day) - Sat, 8/31/2013 (All day)


Supported by our Monday Night Series on the Divine Abodes!

“If we allow ourselves to believe that compassionate people just 'are
that way,' without any work, without serious development both on and
off the cushion, then we abdicate responsibility for our own mental
fitness.”   Ethan Nichtern, IDP Founder & Senior Teacher

We're practicing Metta meditation together remotely every day in the month of August!

Compassion and lovingkindness are inherent qualities of every human
being and can be developed and cultivated through practice and
training.  Each and every person can learn to be more compassionate,
kinder, and more patient -- it just takes effort.  Make the effort and
take the challenge -- commit to 30 days of lovingkindness practice with
the entire IDP community.

We are also offering a Monday night course in August on cultivating lovingkindness and the other three immeasurables - more info here!

Metta Practice Instructions available here!

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