Responsible Consumption Month

Each year at the IDP we've set aside one month to explore our consumption habits in-depth.  With the knowledge of our interconnection, consumption becomes a way to understand the relationships in our lives -- to humans, plants, animals and systems.

Responsible Consumption


This year, Responsible Consumption Month will be taking place during the calendar month of April 2012.  There are many ways to get involved, and the more people who participate, the greater our support network will be.  You can do some or all of these, your level of involvement is up to you.

- To get started you can TAKE THE PLEDGE

- Then, check out our RESOURCE CENTER, for apps, websites and other educational resources to aid you in your responsible consumer quest.

- Once you get going you can SHARE your experiences -- by creating your own BLOG POST here on the IDP Site full of pictures, testimonials, or even videos.   

- You can also joining the conversation on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

- We'll also be having a ton of EVENTS here at IDP around the topic of responsible consumption.  Check out the listing below.  We hope you can make it to many of them.


Responsible Consumption



Friday April 6th - 7:00pm @ IDP NYC  Screening of GASLAND

The largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States.  The Halliburton developed drilling technology called "fracking" or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked a "Saudi Arabia of natural gas" just beneath us.  But is fracking safe? Please join IDP Activism to kick off Responsible Consumption Month with a screening of the award winning movie Gasland.





Friday April 20th - 7 - 9pm “Awakening as a Political Act” Lecture and Discussion with David R. Loy

The basis of transformational social engagement is the need to work on oneself as well as on the system.  So many revolutions & reform movements end up simply replacing one gang of thugs with another.   If we have not begun to transform our own greed, ill will and delusions, our efforts to address their institutionalized forms are likely to be useless, or worse.

Presented in Collaboration with Off the Mat Into the World, Urban Sangha Project, OWS Meditation Working Group





Saturday April 21st - Creating a Plastic Bag Free World - Union Square Action

** Note: Details Still in the Works!  If you'd like to help plan this action please email us at

After four years of working to help NY-ers kick the plastic-bag habit, we're at it again, helping the Union Square farmer's Market transition away from single-use plastic bags.

We'll be building a mandala out of old plastic bags, sharing educational resources around the dangers of plastic bag usage, and advocating for a plastic-bag free Market.  Come show your support for the farmers by pledging to continue to shop there even if single-use bags are banned.

Come by and Bring an old Bag!





Sunday April 22nd - Solidarity Yoga: a Candelit Restorative Yoga Class

After a long day spent in engaged activism this class is an oasis of delicious sustainability.  The ninety minute session will include yummy restorative yoga, breath awareness, heart-centered meditation and authentic voice dialog.  Experience the community in deep relaxation and appreciation by the glow of candlelight.







Wednesday April 25th - The Four Thoughts: Turning the Mind to Responsible Consumption -  Lecture & Discussion with Venerable Tsering Phunstok

The traditional Buddhist teaching of the Four Minds is used to create awareness of the preciousness of human life, the truth of impermanence, the law of cause and effect, and the nature of suffering as we move about our lives.   When contemplated along-side our consumption habits, the Four Minds help create a contrast between actions that promote general health and well-being, and actions that are harmful to our own health and that of our planet.





Every Weekday Morning in April - 8:00-9:00am @ IDP NYC - Open Sitting Meditation

“We need to protect the ecology of the Earth and the ecology of the mind.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Start your day in the most auspicious way!  Join us each weekday morning in the month of April for a silent, group meditation at The Interdependence Project.  Community open sits are an excellent way to start or maintain your practice, and bring mindfulness into your day.





(Illustration by IDP's Creative Capital Catalyst Mary Veronica Sweeney)


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