Speaking Truth: Building Trust - Webcast

"Each of us carries within a knowing of how to restore balance, source our own sacred enough-ness, and act in alignment with our deepest truths and knowing." ~ Jennifer Cohen


Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen, founders of Seven Stones Leadership will be webcasting their talk at the ID Project on May 30th.

To join us online, please visit the link below five minutes before the talk begins (you do not have to have a facebook account to access the page)


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More details about the talk

Speaking Truth: Building Trust with Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen

The truth really does set us free.  When we speak it mindfully and with compassion for ourselves and others it builds lasting trust between people.  Jen Cohen and Gina LaRoche founded Seven Stones leadership Group to bring the promise and practices of Exquisite Sufficiency to the world of coaching and consulting individuals teams and organizations. Their dedicated investigation into the truth of our sacred enough-ness brought them face to face with the teachings of the Buddha.

They call speaking truth a practice of sufficiency, and this practice is deeply connected to the teachings of right speech and right action.  All are invited to join and see how you can create a living and working environment alive with the truth of the moment, grounded in sufficiency.

Jennifer Cohen and Gina LaRoche founded Seven Stones Leadership Group, a professional services firm, to fulfill on the supposition that meaningful and effective leadership requires the exposure of assumptions that guide individual lives, organizations and systems. Jen and Gina are trained facilitators, coaches and speakers bringing the guiding values of wisdom, commitment, truth, love, joy, community and purpose to all their work.

Wednesday May 30th, 7:30-9:00pm EST

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