Workplace Meditation Training

Declining employee productivity and standards, fractured cooperation among teammates, as well as increased illness and sick days, are the result of stressful workers attempting to do too many things at once. As such companies as General Mills, Google, and Target have discovered, the solution is simple: meditation.  By teaching employees how to focus their awareness and carefully pay attention using mindfulness meditation, the workplace can be transformed from one of anxiety, overload, and tension, to one of calm, clarity, and intention. 

The Interdependence Project offers rigorous and compassionate mindfulness and insight instruction for groups of 1 to 20 employees.   We can design a program to fit your needs and schedule, or you can register today for our corporate meditation program, Meditation WorksMeditation Works includes weekly instruction for one hour at your workplace for five weeks, and gradually guides your employees to develop moment-to-moment mindfulness in all aspects of their work life.   As well as receiving weekly instruction from an experienced IDP teacher, participants in Meditation Works will receive informative twice-weekly emails, and are encouraged to contact the instructor with questions or comments on their practice between sessions.   No special equipment is necessary: participants sit comfortably in chairs in a quiet office or conference room.  Please contact our executive director, Kimberly Brown, to register or inquire.


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