Private Meditation Training


“The main business case for meditation is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be more effective as a leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people.”  William George, board member of Goldman Sachs, and former CEO of Medtronic

One-on-one meditation provides training tailored to an individual's unique qualities of mind.  Our instructors offer contemplative techniques to develop and hone existing strengths and mental capabilities, and guide students toward a focused and mindful experience of work and life.   

The Interdependence Project has provided individual meditation instruction to Fortune 500 CEOs, Obie-winning performers, entrepreneurs, hedge-fund managers, lawyers, teachers, and professionals from many fields.  We understand that leaders and change-makers are often called upon to make decisions that impact themselves and others both directly and indirectly.  Such responsibility requires wisdom, foresight, and compassion, which can be cultivated and developed through meditation practice.

We can provide instruction at your office or at our downtown location.  Please contact our executive director, Kimberly Brown, for more information.

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