Mindfulness Plus Self-Care Workshops and Retreats

Support for Teachers, Counselors, and Caregivers

Mindfulness + Self-Care: Workshops for Teachers and Caregivers

Cultivate an environment where everyone flourishes.

Developing mutual trust and reliance between teacher/caregivers, clients/students, and co-workers, is a necessary foundation on which successful institutions are built.  Helping teachers and caregivers build resilience and reduce stress promotes stronger relationships through better communication, patience, and kindness.  We can help you create conditions in which everyone can learn to support and encourage each other to learn, grow, and thrive with mindfulness meditation and compassion practices taught by experienced teachers. 

Our workshops include:

·       The basics of mindfulness meditation

·       Working with thoughts and emotions that arise

·       Being present for body sensations, including tension and pain

·       Mindful eating and mindful movement exercises

·       Appreciating and supporting positive intentions

·       Understanding self-care

·       Developing self-compassion

·       Preventing burn-out and compassion fatigue

·       Using mindfulness and compassion in communication and interaction

with others

·       Support for a daily meditation practice

We can design a program to your needs, which can be an afternoon workshop, a daylong retreat, or a series of weekly meetings.   We can also train individuals from your staff to learn to lead daily meditations to insure ongoing practice support for your community.

Daylong Mindfulness+ Self-Care Retreat - a six hour program designed to introduce the foundations of mindfulness through guided instruction and discussion, and demonstrate simple techniques of self-care through experiential exercises and group discussion. This workshop includes mindful eating and movement, stress management practices, working with difficult emotions and feelings, and developing kindness and happiness. 

Half-Day Mindfulness+ Self-Care Workshop - a three hour program designed to introduce the basics of mindfulness through guided instruction, and demonstrate simple techniques of self-care.  This workshop includes mindful movement. 

Mindfulness+ Self-Care Six Week Course - a weekly two hour class to introduce the foundations of mindfulness, concentration, and compassion.  It will include methods to work with difficulties which can arise during meditation, ways to establish a daily practice, and how to approach and work with stress, emotion regulation, and communication


Our six-week courses cost ~$200/per person, and include one teacher.  If the number of participants exceeds 25, we will provide an additional teacher at a flat rate of $125 per hour.  Note that rate is exclusive of expenses or other additional costs. 

Daylong Retreats begin at $2400 and Half-Day Workshops begin at $1200 for up to 30 participants and include two teachers at your location.  We can host your group at our space in Manhattan for an additional cost.  Contact Kim for rates and availability. 

About Us

The Interdependence Project has been providing a meditation, mindfulness, and compassion teachings in NYC since 2005.  We're committed to helping everyone awaken to their full human potential through traditional practices designed for modern life.  Our certified meditation instructors have extensive personal meditation practice and retreat experience, and years of teaching to both individuals and groups.  


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