IDP Podcast Fall/Winter Season

IDP's Board Chair, Tarikh Korula has created an amazing new podcast series for our listeners. In conversation with leaders in business, the arts, and the mindfulness community, Tarikh and his guests explore the ways contemplative techniques can create compassionate and creative environments to support relationships and products that benefit society and the world.

You may subscribe to IDP's podcasts at this link or via iTunes at this link.
Ethan Nichtern, Founder of IDP, coming soon!
Tarikh Korula is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience founding companies that go from zero to one and growing consumer technology products to millions of users. He has hacked, bootstrapped, crowd-funded and raised from institutional VCs. Tarikh is a regular contributor at TechCrunch and lectures on product development at NYU, SVA and Parsons. He is board chair of The Interdependence Project.

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