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If Buddha And Warhol Went To A Water Zumba Class

I often feel that my kids are pint-sized Buddhas.  They force me to get all sorts of uncomfortable and face things I'd love to distract away.   They call me out on emotions I'm otherwise quick to dismiss or bury.  And when I most need a pause and least want one (which is alm

Dharma Connect: Live Your Life, Don't Live the Dream

Lately, I've been reading more and more Facebook updates and Huff Post-type articles urging people to "do what you love" and "live your dream".  Considering it's an incredibly difficult economic time and the U.S. has a 6.3% unemployment rate (for African Americans it's 11.5%), and the poverty rate is ~16 percent of the population, these seem like absurd suggestions.   Not to mention that actually living right here right now is reality, and reality is where wisdom and compassion exist, not in a future fantasy or dream. 

Song of the Rain

"Welcome to the Song of the Rain project." Thus speaks the voice (actually, mine) when you call a special phone number. It's your invitation, my dear readers, to speak—after you've made a choice that is.

Dharma Connect: #IgniteDelight.


From below to above
Abandon Fear when recognizing the projections of our mind.

Let light radiate beyond uncertainty to bring an understanding
Evolving complexity by nourishing consciousness through simplicity


Some of us seem impacted or indifferent with
understanding uncertainty by collecting confusion
that can neurotically numb us from leading a powerful life

​Dharma Connect: Steve Buscemi's Mind Gets Blown

Actor Steve Buscemi, a meditator who studies with Pema Chodron, discusses the dharma with a Tibetan nun in this delightful episode of his web series. 

Loving Ourselves into Reality

Remember the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, the stuffed animal who was loved so deeply by a young boy that he became alive? I've been playing with idea of that as metaphor for being -- only there's no boy. We have to love ourselves into Reality.

Forgive Everyone Everything Starting Today

Human Journey, an initiative of Desmond Tutu, is challenging us to use the month of May to ingrain our forgiveness practice.

Dharma Connect: Buddha Tattoos -- An Homage or a Sign of Disrespect?

A British woman is being held in a detention camp in Sri Lanka prior to being deported. Her offense? Having a tattoo of a buddha.

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