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Daniel de Sosa's Cosmic Cat

Daniel de Sosa is an American-born comics artist living in the United Kingdom inspired by science fiction, heavy metal, screwball comedy, and Buddhist tales and traditions. Like many artists too irreverent or weird to secure corporate patronage, he is attempting to launch his next project, Purrvana, through Kickstarter. (Full disclosure: I, Emerson Dameron, have pledged to his project.)

Is Zayn Still in One Direction in a Pure Land?


Buddhism is often seen these days as a supremely rational philosophical system or belief system, depending on your stance. Investigate everything, the Buddha said. Do not believe anything just because I tell you it is so -- look into it for yourselves and see whether it is.

Meditation For the Win

One of the reasons for meditating -- sitting still and focusing on an object, such as the breath -- is to train in tapping into the calm space in your awareness so that you can find that space in the midst of chaos.

Like on stage during the National Geography Bee.

Buddhism's Good Rep

A new study reports that merely reading Buddhist terms in a word puzzle -- such as dharma, Buddha, and awakening -- increased the likelihood of "prosocial" behaviors among study participants, some of them familiar with Buddhism and others not.

You Can't Win Meditation

We're entering heavy sports season here in the U.S., with the month-long college basketball championships wrapping up -- March Madness that now extends into April -- and playoffs looming for professional basketball and hockey, even as baseball opened its season Monday.

Ruth Denison Brought the Dharma to the Dance

I've been reading about Ruth Denison, a Buddhist teacher who died Feb. 26. I'd picked up a book about her, Dancing in the Dharma, because I liked the title. I had not heard of her. That's a shame, because Denison's work deeply influenced how Buddhism is taught in the west.

Don't Transfer the Ox's Load to the Cow

I pride myself on being well-informed. I pride myself on having good taste. I judge myself so harshly and berate myself so aggressively that I'm left to wonder how this rigorous humility might serve me. Perhaps it saves me the trouble of taking on some of the work I want to do, that I could be doing.

My Terrible, Horrible, Wonderful Night

I had plans last night to go into the city and meet a dear friend to see a very special performance. So many things went wrong that I could easily have had an terrible time. Instead -- thanks to practice -- it was full of extraordinary lessons and beauty.

Evasion-to-English Translation and the Quest for Right Speech

I hate to bother you, but I have a book recommendation. You'd never think such a brisk, poppy work would have so much to say about the passive-aggressive communication we buy into, but you might be surprised! Besides, it's only about 100 pages! Of course, you don't, like, have to read it, unless you want to. Whatever.

Cut. Take it from the top in three, two, one...

I'm Not Calm

In the movie "The Babadook," there's a moment when the viewer knows the evil spirit has infiltrated the main character. Until this point, she has been the embodiment of sweet patience -- responding gently and evenly to everyone, never with a hint of tension or irritation. But at this moment, as her son comes into the bedroom where she's trying to sleep and starts talking, we see her eyes narrow and shift as she lies with her back to him, not turning to respond. She snaps.

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