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Dharma Connect: Buddha Tattoos -- An Homage or a Sign of Disrespect?

A British woman is being held in a detention camp in Sri Lanka prior to being deported. Her offense? Having a tattoo of a buddha.

Dharma Connect: Four-Star Buddhism

Eric Ripert, the chef at the renowned four-star restaurant Le Bernardin, is a Buddhist who expects those who work in his kitchens to be silent as much as possible and to be mindful -- no cuts or burns on their arms. Not only are the workers happier, but the food tastes better, he says.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Google, and Right Mindfulness

In the world of corporate mindfulness, Google -- which is so ubiquitous that its name is synonymous with "search online" -- has an equally impressive teacher: Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Thay, as he is known by followers, has sold more than 2 million books in the U.S. and is deeply admired and respected.

Empathy for the Unempathetic: Fred Phelps

Hatred has never stopped hatred.
Only love stops hate.
This is the eternal law.
- The Still Point Dhammapada

It's not easy to love those who hate -- especially those who preach hate and shove their hatred in the faces of other people when they are most vulnerable, those like Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church, whose followers picketed funerals and other events (reportedly more than 53,000) holding up hate-filled signs.

Dharma Connect: Happy Birthday, Internet

Today, March 12, is the 25th anniversary of the day that Tim Boerners-Lee presented his vision for a way to connect all the computers in the world. At that time, he says, he called it "mesh." He came up with World Wide Web in 1990 when he began writing code.

Dharma Connect: Dalai Lama Opens Senate Session With Bodhisattva Aspiration

The Dalai Lama gave the prayer at the opening of the U.S. Senate session on Thursday. In Buddhism, prayer isn't seen as an appeal to a higher authority but as a way of connecting to our own highest aspirations. What are your aspirations for the Senate?

Does Meditation Make a Happier Workplace?

Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness at Work points to the possibility that we could experience and engender happiness at work in a myriad of ways.  The practice of following one’s breath and returning to the present moment can make us personally less stressed and able to be less reactive; but where the “rubber hits the road” is how our buttons are pushed when we are off of the cushion.  The reason that meditation is r

Dharma Connect: Harold Ramis, Hungry-Ghost Buster

Harold Ramis, who died Monday, was the calm center of antic comedies including "Ghostbusters," "Animal House," and "Groundhog Day," That's no accident -- he was a practicing Zen Buddhist.

Meditation & Conversations With Children

For the fourth in the series of my videos promoting Sharon Salzberg's latest book release, 'Real Happiness At Work', I sit down in my workplace and attempt a conversation with two of my bosses who are having a disagreement. The conversation goes not at all according to plan and I'm not sure anything gets resolved.  But I believe we all stayed mostly present.  Here's the video:

Real Happiness Day 22: A Whole Human Being

You have opportunities every day to step beyond your role at work and act like a whole human being, offer a helping hand, learn the skill outside your scope of work, allow yourself to be helped by others. This will make your life more humane and deeply fulfilling.

-- Sharon Salzberg, "Real Happiness at Work"

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