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So Your Parents are Crazy

This week I am taking a break from What Would Sid Do. Cheerful Valentine's Day!

There comes a time in any young man or woman’s life when they realize that their parents simply do not have it all together. Sure, they go to work and can cook a good meal and host a barbeque but when it comes to the big lifestyle how-tos they are learning along the way, just like we are. 

How Deep is Your Beauty?

How Deep is Your Beauty?

I love buying face creams.  I will stand in Sephora for hours reading the labels of creams and then buy one that makes me believe I will have younger, smoother looking skin as long as I apply it daily.  I am also very particular about the type of shampoo and conditioner I use so I can control my frizz and increase my shine.  I make sure I drink 8 glasses of water a day and I always wash my make up off before I go to bed.   I buy and do all these things because I believe, little by little, every day, they will make me look better, so why don’t I do the same for my higher SELF. 

Hold Thy Tongue, Part Three


My play closed on Sunday. My mouth and brain did not.
As I stepped off the stage for the last time, I felt an enormous relief. The process from the start had been challenging, and the weight of the words I was carrying took a huge toll on me. As the lights dimmed once and for all, I felt sure a kind of instant karma would wash over me. But it was not to be.

Samsara & Selfhood: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, February 14Flowers. Candy. Candlelight dinners. Rampant consumer-driven heteronormativity everywhere you look! The Hallmark card holiday that tops all Hallmark card holidays is right around the corner, but this morning as I noticed my yearly jadedness beginning to creep upon me I did something I’ve never done before. Surprising myself I paused, and wondered, “What’s really at the bottom of this apathy and objection?” “How can I think about this differently?” And even, “How can I make this part of my practice?”

Daily Connect: NPR, Dhamma Brothers, and Meditation is Everywhere!

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NPR did a great story yesterday, following in the footsteps of the documentary Dhamma Brothers, on the success of the Vipassana meditation program at Donaldson maximum security prison in Alabama. It is very heartening to see the success of this program, as well as to see meditation practice popping up all over the place, especially in the Deep South. A ten day vipassana course is widely regarded as one of the most intensive meditation retreats around, so it's interesting that Vipassana is the program that prisoners connect with so well. Perhaps it's the no-escape discipline of the schedule that makes it a rigorous challenge for the men?

Subway Dharma: How the Third Rail Inspires My Practice

Recently I was revisited by some difficult emotions I assumed no longer had a hold on me, feelings I thought I’d long since conquered through maturity, a regular meditation practice, and 87 dharma books.

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Whether you are new to studying Buddhism or you have been practicing it for some time, there is one thing we all have in common, we would like to take what we learn and apply it to our daily lives.  For me, not only do I want to apply to my daily life, but I would like these philosophies and insights to resonate through my being.  This has been something I have been struggling with since I have started studying Buddhism and awareness, with each book, each talk, or insight I want and expect it to be a part of me as soon as I realize it exists. 

Daily Connect: Slate on American Anxiety

Slate has a nice piece on American anxiety today. Reasons why we're anxious? Parts One, Two, Three, (a reference, ever so obliquely, to Ian Drury's "Reasons to Be Cheerful: Part Three).

Turns out the author thinks "loss of community, information overload, and a crummy attitude toward uncomfortable emotions" are the reasons for ballooning anxiety. And thought the article doesn't say so, a meditation practice is a great response to all three.

A reason to be cheerful, indeed.

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