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I Meditate Because I Can

In the past few weeks, having settled down from a July full of vacation, I have been returning to my daily meditation practice.  Well, slowly, but surely, it's coming back.  My girlfriend and I actually keep a record of our sits on our refrigerator calendar.  I find this helps.  It creates a situation of accountability.  It also at times creates a comically inflated sense of accomplishment about the whole thing.


Quote and Video of the Day: Jack Kornfield and David Nichtern

Jack Kornfield, Meditation Teacher

I'm hoping to post a daily quote and video on the Interdependence Project blog. Anything that's about meditation, Buddhism, and all of the ways we can apply mindfulness to the 21st century world, please send them to me here. Below is the quote of the day and the video of the day, featuring meditation teachers Jack Kornfield and David Nichtern, respectively.



Inner Insight - Angelica Cornbread Recipe

There are myriad reasons one might attend a silent meditation retreat --needing some time for inner focus, looking for space to deal with stress or confronting existential turmoil...and then there's also the food.

Top Ten Reasons to Start Meditating Today

"Meditate Daily" has been hovering on my to-do, someday, or maybe lists for more than ten years, since the late 1990's.  Three years ago the universe conspired to deliver me to the doorstep of the Interdependence Project, where the clarity of instruction and friendliness of the community led nearly immediately to my committing to a daily meditation practice. 


Staying Present and Going Away

Cape Cod

Family vacation on Cape Cod conjures up all sorts of images: lobster, lobster rolls, corn on the cob, big tables . . . just like this picture.



New to Meditation?

Buddhist Meditation for Beginners in NYC and beyond!The Five W’s Of Meditation 

Who meditates? 

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