Meditation Practice

Real Happiness Challenge Week 1: How You Speak To Yourself

The body the body the body.

The breath the breath the breath.


How do you speak to yourself?

What did you say just now?

How did you say it?

Who is speaking and why?

Real Happiness Challenge - Week 1

"The art of beginning again": Sharon's instruction has never felt more gently apropos than this month, this time around in the 28-Day Real Happiness challenge. I'm beginning this 28-day practice cycle again, one I've done a few times before. The Tibetan and Chinese new year are beginning, again, next week on February 9, according to the lunar calendar. New projects begin at work; I have new opportunities to practice and assist my teachers.

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Meditation is a skill everyone can practice, using simple techniques to become present with your mind and your body. Join IDP executive director Kimberly Brown and learn traditional methods developed for modern people. Sit still, develop your concentration, and bring a sense of ease and kindness to your life.


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Real Happiness Challenge - Week 1 - Groundhog Day

Groundhog DayMeditation practice feels a lot like the movie Groundhog Day.  Everytime I sit down to focus it's the same thing, over and over again; my attention is on my breath, then I get distracted by a sound, a memory, a plan, or a fantasy.  The next thing I know, I'm entirely lost in thought.  It takes five, ten, or maybe even 30 minutes before I notice that my attention isn't on my breath and I'm not me

Real Happiness Challenge - Week 1: The Internal Weather Service

I choose to believe that all beings are part of a single organism. We are all part of a humming, sometimes thriving, sometimes aching ecosystem. Hurting those whom I consider “others” slows down the entire operation and wounds him whom I consider “myself.” And vice versa.

Dedication for 2016

As a kid, I always looked forward to Hanukkah (what kid doesn't want to eat fried potato pancakes and get eight presents and money is made out of chocolate?) But it wasn't until this year that the holiday deeply resonated with me.

Ending a War against Pain

Seven years ago, I developed a mysterious chronic pain in my upper body that had me unable to type, hold a piece of paper, and relegated to the cool wooden floor of my girlfriend’s apartment for hours a day.

I was 26, unable to work, and learning to dial a phone with my toes.

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