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What We Learned When My Kids Talk To Siri

My son reached for my phone and excitedly recorded his question: “Hi, Siri, Can we eat chocolate?!” To which Siri responded, “One moment please.”  The phone’s screen then quickly populated with multiple definitions for the word "ejaculate."  With a confused look on his face, my son handed me the phone.  Seeing the definitions and repeating in my mind the tone with which my son asked his question and visualizing the shape his mouth made when he spoke the words, I pictured his wide toothy smile, followed by his eager voice hurriedly asking, “eat chocolate,” and I fell to the floor laughing.

What Happens When Kids and Parents Stay When They Don't Want To

My plan was to make a video of me conversing with my daughter, pair it with a written blog post, and use the content to talk about how accomplished my offspring are.  What really happens: I attempt to talk to my daughter while she spits food on the table, pretends she's asleep, uses a bad word, and walks away from me while I'm talking.

Hashtags In Pampers: The Day I Used Technology To Babysit My Kids

[While I attend a dance class, my three-year-old updates my Twitter feed, above.]

A funny thing happened on the way to handing my phone over to my children: I realized I'm attached to the belief, my belief, that putting my kids (or any kids, for that matter) on i-devices is harmful, negligent and clear and present evidence of total parental failure.  So what brought me to cross over to the dark side and what happened as a result?  Pull up a i-chair.

Open Dharma Night - What is Friendship? - Part 2 of 2

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This open talk is about friendship; what does it mean to be friendly with ourselves and with others?   How does meditation help us make friends with our minds?   IDP Teachers Kate Johnson and Dr. Lani Rowe lead this wonderful community class which is designed for beginners as well as more experienced students.


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Reddit Deep Dive: 5 Great Subreddits for Meditators

Reddit, founded in 2005 and the dominant site of its kind since at least 2010, bills itself as “the front page of the internet.” It has a tiny staff - most of the lifting is done by hundreds of thousands of active “redditors” who post, comment, and vote on each others’ submissions.

Dharma Connect: Bill Murray Gives a Lesson in Meditation

A reporter at the Toronto Film Festival, which designated a Bill Murray Day, asked Murray: What is it like to be you? His answer is a gem, and a really good four-minute meditation.

True Happiness Lasts Longer Than an iPhone

It's a truth of existence that material things won't bring you lasting happiness. Things break. Or get outdated. Maybe the iPhone 5 brought you bliss -- but now the iPhone 6 is about to be introduced. And that might make you even happier. Until you find the bugs in it or the 7 is rumored.

Putting Our Foot Down On Little Girls In Heels

When my three-year-old daughter walked into the room wearing her new gift, a pair of plastic, bedazzled play-heels, or princess shoes, as they're often called, I looked down at her feet and felt the urge to vomit.  I was instantly overcome with fury.  Surrounded by my in-laws and piles of birthday detritus, I struggled to get my bearings.

Shut Me Up

Sometime this summer I decided that things were out of control. My life was somehow no longer my own, and there was a heavy price being exacted in my health, mental and physical. It’s a realization I’d come to before, but this time I was resolved to do something different about it.


I decided to shut up.

How Do I Know If My Meditation Practice Is Working?

We don't practice to become better meditators – we practice to become better people. We practice like a doctor practices medicine and like a basketball player practices free throws. We show up for practice, even when it seems silly. We practice like our lives depend on it, because they do, as do others.

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