Meditation Practice

Why every experience you have is 99% wrong

I sat outside on a lovely early summer morning. The sun played hide-and-seek with the clouds, which in turn were playing chase with the breezes. The garden had turned a rich green from the recent rains, and the strawberry flowers whispered of treats to come in a couple of weeks.  I set my meditation timer for 24 minutes, and set an intention to be aware of the arising and passing of sensations.

Why I Cheat on Retreat: Writing & Meditation

“What would be most helpful for you to put down in order to be here wholeheartedly?” asked Christina Feldman in the opening talk. Our group of a hundred meditators had a week of practice ahead of us.

Three Meditations to be Free from Anger

Excerpt from Freedom from Anger by Venerable Sumanasara.

1. Don’t Flatter Anger

10 Questions to Reflect on Wisdom

Excerpt from Life is Spiritual Practice by Jean Smith.

A Practice and Reflection on Wisdom

Practice Like a Champion

My Buddhist teacher shared this photo of a T-shirt she saw someone wearing at the airport, commenting that it seems like a good message.

Practice like a champion.

Since my teacher suggested it, I have to think about it. That's the deal.

What does it mean to practice like a champion?

A Body without Shame: Living Mindfully with Pain

Pain is tough, of course, but the thoughts and feelings of shame which pain can stir up are the real nightmare. In my own history and my private practice teaching adults with pain, feelings of shame are never far behind a chronic pain condition. In our culture, it seems easy to interpret pain or loss of function as a personal failure.

Class 2 (Part 2)


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BuddhismMeditation Practice

Class 2 (Part 1)


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BuddhismMeditation Practice

A Short Body Scan to Reduce Stress and Distraction

You’ve heard of eight-minute abs, but have you heard of an eight-minute body scan?

This short embodiment practice is for when you’re lost in worry, feeling a bit frantic, or out of touch with your body. In this audio, I’ll guide you to include the felt sensations of your body, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. It doesn’t require any special powers of concentration, just eight minutes, which, by the way, is the approximate time it takes light photons from the sun to reach Earth. See how much can happen in eight minutes?

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