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Wisdom 1.0: Mindfulness Is Not Enough

The first time I saw Oprah Winfrey, who has a net worth of $2.9 billion, promoting mindfulness on the cover of O! Magazine, I was taken aback. I was fairly new to Buddhist studies then, and I was protective of the dharma. How did mindfulness -- the practice of recognizing what's going on in the present moment and noting the distractions of desire and despair as they arose -- fit with a magazine that promoted buying pretty things to make yourself happier? (O! highlights a monthly list of things Oprah likes -- that I could never afford.)

Meditation is Not the Point

Many folks think meditation is all about relieving stress, achieving inner peace, and attaining clarity of focus in “moments of Zen.” They are mistaken.

Does Meditation Make a Happier Workplace?

Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness at Work points to the possibility that we could experience and engender happiness at work in a myriad of ways.  The practice of following one’s breath and returning to the present moment can make us personally less stressed and able to be less reactive; but where the “rubber hits the road” is how our buttons are pushed when we are off of the cushion.  The reason that meditation is r

Meditation & Conversations With Children

For the fourth in the series of my videos promoting Sharon Salzberg's latest book release, 'Real Happiness At Work', I sit down in my workplace and attempt a conversation with two of my bosses who are having a disagreement. The conversation goes not at all according to plan and I'm not sure anything gets resolved.  But I believe we all stayed mostly present.  Here's the video:

Real Happiness Day 24: Practice, Work, and Joy

Buddhism is a practical philosophy - it's meant to be tried and tested in the "real" world.  It's designed to help us understand where we get in our own way to happiness. To newbies, it sometimes sounds pretty depressing when we talk about the reality of suffering and the path to liberation from suffering. To me, I actually have a harder time with the teachings about joy.

Why Meditate? Dissolving Practice into Life

Real Happiness at Work Day 23

So why do we do this?  Why do we take time out to sit on a cushion in silence?

Real Happiness Day 22: A Whole Human Being

You have opportunities every day to step beyond your role at work and act like a whole human being, offer a helping hand, learn the skill outside your scope of work, allow yourself to be helped by others. This will make your life more humane and deeply fulfilling.

-- Sharon Salzberg, "Real Happiness at Work"

So I Missed a Day, Now What?

The theme of this week of the 28-day meditation challenge is lovingkindness, and what better way to get the metta flowing than to talk about what to do when we've missed a day of meditation and want to throw the whole practice out the window?

Set Your Intention for 2014

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In the New Year, we often make resolutions to do things differently; to change our diet, visit new places, be kinder to our selves and others or get a new job.  Usually, these resolutions remain unfulfilled because we’re not looking at what’s behind all our actions, speech, and thoughts: our intentions.


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Compassion is a Force - Real Happiness Day 16

The workplace is like an incubator for the ego. The fact that we care about our work means that we often become identified with it. Our sense of self-worth can become wrapped up in it, even if the job is not our chosen field or career, but just a way to pay the bills. Whether we go to a jobsite, work from home or doing the essential work of raising children full time, we can find our perceptions about how we are doing feeds a sense of solid self. We want people to approve of what we are doing, and feelings of disapproval can be absolutely shattering.

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