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Vulnerability and Authenticity - An Evening with Susan Piver - Part 1 of 2

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Developing a more receptive relationship to all of our experience allows us to manifest what is authentic in our lives while cultivating compassion for our vulnerability and struggles. Meditation helps us develop confidence to open our hearts to it all.  In this podcast, recorded at The Interdependence Project in November 2014, Susan Piver invites us to explore our practice and our hearts.


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Dharma Connect: Discovering Delight in Nonattachment

A random read we can possibly learn from.


Why It’s Okay For Moms To Hate Parenting

I used to make the joke that my husband talked me into having children.  I’ve since stopped, realizing it was not that much of a joke, nor was it terribly funny.  Having children wasn’t something I dreamed about nor longed to do.  In fact, I used to try to talk my husband out of it.  Now it’s something I study passionately – I’ll even throw down a Brenewholeheartedly” here –  both for my and my family’s well-being, and for my work.

Ferguson, Anger, and Meditation

The whole world is watching Ferguson, Missouri, as a grand jury verdict is expected any day on whether to indict a police officer who shot an unarmed black man. That action led to protests, arrests, and boiling anger. In advance of the grand jury action, extra officers, FBI, and the National Guard are in place -- and officials urge people to be calm.

In this space, the St. Louis/Bentwood Transcendental Meditation (TM) Center is offering a talk on meditation to relieve stress for all Ferguson residents.

Friendship Makes Grocery Shopping Fun For Our Whole Family

I used to dread grocery shopping.  Even thinking about it made me want to run screaming. The fluorescent lights, the cold grey surfaces, and the utilitarian feel of the activity. I hated that I hated it, and hated that I couldn’t seem to feel any other way about it.

Accepting Death Doesn't Deny Grief

Accepting the inevitability of death is woven throughout the Buddha's teachings. So why are Buddhists so upset at the news that Thich Nhat Hanh may be near death?

What I Want to Do When My Daughter Hits Me

What I immediately think about doing when my daughter hits me, and what I do, are vastly different in their mind-states, energy, and lasting effects on both of us.

The Difference between Guided Imagery, Hypnosis and Meditation

Someone asked recently about the difference between hypnosis and guided imagery. Many counselors say they use “guided imagery” which they may or may not consider related to hypnosis or hypnotherapy. And if that weren’t confusing enough, sometimes people aren’t sure of the difference between meditation and guided imagery.

So what is hypnosis, what is guided imagery, and what is meditation?

Can I Be Happy for an Annoying Politician?

On Election Day, I was doing a practice of mudita, appreciative or empathetic joy. Like in metta practice, you choose a neutral person, a loved one, and an irritating person. In this case, you look to feel happiness in their happiness, taking joy in their joy. For my irritating person, I chose a politician, not one whose election would bring me joy.

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