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I'm an Ego Maniac

“Only a person who is congenitally self-centered has the effrontery and the stamina to write essays.” - E.B. White

Dharma Connect: This Mortal Kangaroo gets Tricky How High

I find a cherished mix from '07 & awaken from a full nights rest only to realize while stirring some eggs that I have a teacup of coffee waiting to be sipped. I choose to take my vitamins at a later time & simply make my way to the lighter end of the living room by making my prime vitamin an exercise in Mindfulness with all love & zip regrets, honoring the a tulip.

Metta Month: I Can't Make You Be Happy

The happiness or suffering of others is the result of their actions and not my wishes for them.

Why I Took The Global Forgiveness Challenge

In June I participated in the Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge in an effort to revitalize my practice. The Forgiveness Challenge is a 30-day interactive program that integrates videos, recordings, thought exercises, meditations and a personal diary exploring daily themes on forgiveness.

Sometimes the difference between me and the moment is an untimely pee.

In life lots of things get in the way of living in the moment: that untimely pee, train traffic, your boss! What might it mean to live in the moment anyway? Life is not a movie chugging along frame by frame; a sequence of discrete “nows” over and over again ad nauseam. Rather reality is something way more mysterious and beautiful.
Search your memory. We recall that the nearest distance between two points is a straight line. That line is made up of an infinite number of points.

Dharma Connect: Different Techniques Have Different Results

Scientific research into meditation typically has focused on mindfulness meditation -- connecting to what's happening in the present moment, particularly the breath -- and has found that it calms the mind and the physical body, reducing the stress response. A new study, however, finds that while that's true for Theravadan methods, it's not the the case with Tibetan or vajrayana practices.

Open Dharma Night - What is Friendship? - Part 1 of 2

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This open talk is about friendship; what does it mean to be friendly with ourselves and with others?   How does meditation help us make friends with our minds?   IDP Teachers Kate Johnson and Dr. Lani Rowe lead this wonderful community class which is designed for beginners as well as more experienced students.


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Add Kids, Subtract Adults, Watch Growth

As I type, my computer sits on scraps of shaped construction paper and sticker-eyeballs spread about in disarray on our dining room table.  The items are part of crafts projects our town library carefully assembles for children to take home and put together.

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