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Let Your Mind Wander (Sometimes): Mindfulness vs. Mind Wandering

Is mindfulness better than mind wandering?  Maybe yes, and maybe no…. it really depends.


Responsible (e)Consumption Month, Week 2: Forgetting About Facebook

Confession: I once went over a week without checking Facebook, and thought little of it even though it was an unusual thing for me. So setting an intention for a Facebook-less week as part of the Responsible (e)Consumption Month challenge might seem like a cop-out. But the difference between that week and this week lies in that key word: intention.

The Year Since Graduating IDP's Teacher Training

I wasn't sure if I wanted to teach meditation when I handed in my application for IDP's Yearlong Teacher Training & Dharma Immersion Program. I knew I loved IDP, that Ethan Nichtern is a skilled teacher, and that I wanted to learn more for the benefit of my own knowledge and practice.

Responsible eConsumption: I Can Get Some Satisfaction

January Is IDP Responsible eConsumption Month, and I've been observing it by not turning on electronic devices during the first hour I'm awake. The experience has been as different as the days.

Video of IDP on Huffpost Live: Responsible eConsumption Challenge!

Today, Huffpost Live featured IDP member Jon Rubenstein and teacher Kate Johnson in a segment about the #IDPBeFree Pledge.

IDP Be Free Pledge Day 8: Discovery - I am an Apple products addict!

I took the IDP Be Free pledge to be free of electronics, and chose to turn off my electronics during the dinner hour.  Here is the pledge:


Responsible (e)Consumption Month, Week 1: Wow, I Don't Miss My Phone!

I'm nothing if not ambitious. The idea behind the Responsible (e)Consumption Month Challenge is to unplug from your multitude of electronic devices for at least one hour per day and reconnect with the emotions, thoughts, sensations (or lack thereof) for a time, as a way to cultivate mindfulness. I decided to take it a but further for my debut – I've been turning off my phone completely for the past few days.
And I haven't missed it.

Four Tips To Help Your Meditation Practice Become Daily

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Here are four very simple tips for turning your dabbling, on and off, casual,  swinging, it-loves-me-it-loves-me-not relationship with meditation into a daily practice that actually sustains itself. 

Responsible eConsumption Month: Morning Quiet

January is IDP's Responsible eConsumption Month, and there's a challenge to turn off your electronics for an hour a day. For me, the challenge is where can I find that hour?

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