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Daily Connect: True Story

I was planning to write a post today about holiday gift-giving and how we're all under so much pressure to buy presents that we forget what it's like to be generous.  Except on Saturday I started to feel pain around my right eye.  I thought it was probably from grinding my teeth (I have TMJ) but by Sunday afternoon the pain had increased and redness appeared underneath my bottom eyelid. 

Mindful Approach To Kids Using Knives

According to, the cutting-edge parenting resource, the recommended age in years when children can be introduced to knives, while supervised,  is two to three.  And, although it feels obvious that their research might be strongly influenced, it’s just as difficult to find an opinion that isn’t. I know, because after feeling many times like I was flailing when my children ran for the cutlery, I directed my focus away, and onto the computer.  This online quest for knife-safety-tips quickly resembled my fruitless (ha ha, good one again!) search for guidelines for offering dessert to my children, and reminded me that the answer lies not in an external value set, but within.

No One Is More Dear To Me

The Buddha, as a man who left his wife and young child to seek enlightenment, doesn't give a lot of advice on marriage. As one of my teachers says, if you're having difficulty in your romantic relationship, is a celibate monk the best person to ask for advice?

The Raja Sutta offers this story:

The Infinite Ways Pet Ownership Has Benefited Our Family

I frequently say that I have four children; two furry and two not.  The six of us, my husband, two dogs, and two children, have been a family for close to six years.  The human-animal bond we have has strengthened each of us as individuals and improved our lives as a whole in ways we could never have dreamed; for which we are eternally grateful.

Dharma Connect: The Dalai Lama and lululemon

If you were to go today, you'd see a photo of the Dalai Lama with a quote from His Holiness: "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." Presumably, pricey yoga clothes are not in the same category.

Right Speech and Self Talk

In one of my favorite passages in one of my favorite dharma books, "Loving Kindness," Sharon Salzberg talks about how she'd been practicing metta, loving kindness meditation, and wasn't sure it was having any effect -- until one morning when she broke something, said to herself what she always said, "You're such a klutz," and then surprised herself with, "But I love you anyway."

My Son's Toy Sword is Making Me Yell at Everyone

What had all the makings for a peaceful evening stroll through the streets of our suburban neighborhood quickly deteriorated into a shout-fest.  “Watch it!” I snapped, seeing in my periphery the blade of my son’s new toy slice through the air inches above my dogs’ heads.  “Stop it!” I said sternly, again interrupting another attempt at conversation with my mom, to let my son know I didn’t approve of him dicing the wheel of his sister’s stroller.  “Not near humans or animals!” I warned, hearing my mom gasp when he jabbed it towards my daughter’s stomach.  “Oliver!  Not okay!” I yelled, witnessing the tip of the sword barely miss my dog’s nose.

Mindful Approach To How Often Kids Should Get Dessert

When my kids ask if they can have ice cream, a couple of things happen.  My body tenses and I try to push the question away.  When that gets me nowhere, I mentally note their recent dietary intake and attempt conviction by responding with a "no."  When I catch myself doing this, and take in their award-winning looks of despair, I occasionally change my mind and fork over the frozen gold.

When a Tree Falls, a Mind Stays Steady

I often tell people who come to the weekly meditation group I lead that there is no perfect place to meditate. We meet in a beautiful, serene room -- where we hear yoga students "ommming" in the studio next door, the beeping of the crosswalk signal, and the skateboarders in the parking lot.

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