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Daily Connect: True Story

I was planning to write a post today about holiday gift-giving and how we're all under so much pressure to buy presents that we forget what it's like to be generous.  Except on Saturday I started to feel pain around my right eye.  I thought it was probably from grinding my teeth (I have TMJ) but by Sunday afternoon the pain had increased and redness appeared underneath my bottom eyelid. 

Welcome to My Year of Living Gently

I was on retreat last fall with a teacher whose message is to meet everything with compassion. "Enlightenment is when you meet all the pain in life with compassion," he said.

I don't know what that means, I said.

Fearless Love: Learning to Lean-In from My 3-Year-Old

This extraordinary description of fearless love, on behalf of my 3-year-old, is a constant reminder to soften, listen, and open to my shaky heart. Here, my 3- year-old describes – without prompting or any previous conversations about love, human nature, and pain – what we instinctively know, yet tend to run from. (The last line, which is hard to hear, is "I just know it.")

Thank you, Lia. I love you!

New Study Proves The Buddha Right About Craving: Mindfulness and Relapse Prevention

According to a new study out of Division of Substance Abuse at Columbia Psychiatry, when it comes to long-term results, a treatment program structured to incorporate mindfulness meditation is better for supporting participants in relapse prevention (a way to help people maintain sobriety after release from intensive drug and alcohol treatment).

Does Meditation Make a Happier Workplace?

Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness at Work points to the possibility that we could experience and engender happiness at work in a myriad of ways.  The practice of following one’s breath and returning to the present moment can make us personally less stressed and able to be less reactive; but where the “rubber hits the road” is how our buttons are pushed when we are off of the cushion.  The reason that meditation is r

Confessions of a teeth grinder

Confession: I have been meditating for almost five years now and I still grind my teeth. My dentist was adamant - stop it (she lamented, how many people are not grinding their teeth these days?). I have resisted getting a night guard, because, holy hell, that sounds incredibly unsexy. But the truth is, I may need to swallow my pride and just get one. Receding gums, due to teeth grinding, are also incredibly unsexy (not to mention, painful).

Opening to the (10 Degree!) Weather

Sharon Salzberg's recommendation to open to what is; be it pleasant or unpleasant, prompts me to use my (cold!) morning walking routine with my dogs to get curious.

This is the second in a series of videos promoting Sharon's latest release, "Real Happiness at Work".

Dharma Connect: The Causes and Conditions of Work Stress

A power company in the United Kingdom has 16 meditation instructors on staff -- to help ease the stress felt by workers who remain after 1,400 are laid off and 700 more are told they'll lose their jobs if they can't get to new offices that are 30 miles away.

Procrastination and Distraction Kill the "Buzz"

I am so loving Sharon Salzberg’s new book Real Happiness at Work, which I agreed to read, put into practice, and blog about for the next month.  This week’s focus was on understanding how gathering our scattered mind through practicing mindfulness meditation leads to greater happiness. 


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