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Daily Connect: True Story

I was planning to write a post today about holiday gift-giving and how we're all under so much pressure to buy presents that we forget what it's like to be generous.  Except on Saturday I started to feel pain around my right eye.  I thought it was probably from grinding my teeth (I have TMJ) but by Sunday afternoon the pain had increased and redness appeared underneath my bottom eyelid. 

Body As Compass in Times of Stress and Anxiety








The body is like a compass in this age of poor navigational signals. We don’t know what to do next, though we feel that we certainly should be doing something next. Our attention and decision-making is demanded by notifications from our phones and computers. We have so many relationships to check in on and tidy up through endless apps and platforms. Not to mention worries about our jobs and our expectations for our productivity. With so many different directions to go, how do we decide?

One option is that we can listen to the body,

Looking at Thought in Meditation: How We Learn from Getting Caught

There are some parts that are so hard or so strange that you can’t fathom what is under them. The sheer fact of those parts even being touched gently can cause confusion.

Dharma Connect: Are breathing booths a chance to relearn to relax?

It's happened.

While being busy was the new black in 2013 -- 2014 (& hopefully '15?) is all about flourishing towards a peace of mind

Fishing for Our Body's Wisdom

I can remember trying to 'feel' the swampy mess of bodily sensations and emotions I felt trapped inside me. What were these squeezings in my chest and throat, this panicked gripping in my abdomen? I knew there was wisdom in the body and that if I could relate with it, I might feel less stuck in my life

Dharma Connect: Four-Star Buddhism

Eric Ripert, the chef at the renowned four-star restaurant Le Bernardin, is a Buddhist who expects those who work in his kitchens to be silent as much as possible and to be mindful -- no cuts or burns on their arms. Not only are the workers happier, but the food tastes better, he says.

Welcome to My Year of Living Gently

I was on retreat last fall with a teacher whose message is to meet everything with compassion. "Enlightenment is when you meet all the pain in life with compassion," he said.

I don't know what that means, I said.

Fearless Love: Learning to Lean-In from My 3-Year-Old

This extraordinary description of fearless love, on behalf of my 3-year-old, is a constant reminder to soften, listen, and open to my shaky heart. Here, my 3- year-old describes – without prompting or any previous conversations about love, human nature, and pain – what we instinctively know, yet tend to run from. (The last line, which is hard to hear, is "I just know it.")

Thank you, Lia. I love you!

New Study Proves The Buddha Right About Craving: Mindfulness and Relapse Prevention

According to a new study out of Division of Substance Abuse at Columbia Psychiatry, when it comes to long-term results, a treatment program structured to incorporate mindfulness meditation is better for supporting participants in relapse prevention (a way to help people maintain sobriety after release from intensive drug and alcohol treatment).

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