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Mindfulness in Action: The Mind With Heart Network

In this article posted in The Guardian, The Mind With Heart Network is described as dedicated to giving children the space to “investigate what happiness, empathy, altruism, and compassion are.” Founded by a group of four educators in the UK in 2010, the organization offers a mindfulness curriculum and trainings to teachers all over the world who are willing to participate.  

28 Day Meditation Challenge: Setting Up To Practice

In Real Happiness, Sharon Salzberg begins by explaining some of the basics of a mediation practice. Since I have a practice, I thought I would share some of my basics.

Daily Connect: Can Meditation Help Prevent Flu?

Mindfulness meditation helped reduce stress-induced inflammation in people who have chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in the Waisman Center have found.

How Does It Feel to be Happy?

When Buddhist teachers talk about sitting with intense emotions, they're generally speaking about ones we'd characterize as negative: loneliness, anger, sadness, grief, insecurity. I've never heard a teacher talk about sitting with happiness.

Wearing Your Spiritual Materialism

The New York Times has an article on what to wear while meditating that notes the availability of clothes designed for meditation, such as the $1,000 sweatpants from Donna Karan's Urban Zen line. (shown below)

Mindful Writers: Stories, Play, and Responses to Trauma


Sitting in a rehearsal studio on Saturday morning with about twenty strangers at a trauma relief training workshop, I found myself wondering about the value of stories. As a writer, that’s an almost blasphemous thing to admit.

But as I listened to teacher and counselor William Spear talk about the relationship between trauma, somatic expressions of emotion, and recovery, I had to think about my own relationship to my emotions.

Back to the Future: Are You The Person You Expected to Become?

One of the more distinctive concepts in Buddhism is non-self. It does not mean that you do not exist physically. It does mean that you don't exist as a permanent, solid, independent entity. "You" are as changeable as the weather -- and that's good news. You're not always angry, not always sad, not always giddy or goofy. You sometimes are all of those (I hope), but you cycle through them.

Exertion and Laziness Or How to Eat in the Shower

Oh sister, am I lazy! I didn’t get up early enough this morning. I didn’t finish all the work I said I was going to do. I left the dishes in the sink, and the laundry unwashed. I haven’t cleaned in weeks. I seem to have quit my meditation practice as well! I don’t know what the point is anyway: if you could see into my mind on the meditation cushion, you’d know how awfully awful bad I am at it.

Daily Connect: Is Meditation the New Viagra?

If you follow news on science and meditation on the Internet, you might believe that meditation is the new penicillin, a wonder drug that can create most of what ails you. Research studies show it has benefits for those who suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure, digestive problems, etc etc.

So the headline "Meditation Increases Sex Drive" seemed like more of the same -- evidence that meditation is just generally good. (It's also kind a duh. Ask anyone who's gone on a prolonged retreat what sitting on the cushion thinking -- or not thinking -- does for your sex drive.)

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