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Dharma Connect: Is Mindfulness the New Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger?

Two recent articles, with nearly identical opening paragraphs but different content, make the point that mindfulness is trending.

Do Buddhists Get Hot?

Do buddhists get hot? Let’s get something straight. That is, yes, a double entendre, hereby spoiled by its designation. That is: you’d better get some ice water, and you’d better hold on to those skivvies. But that’s neither fish nor fowl.

Do What Makes You Happy

The Buddha lists discipline as one of the six paramitas, or transcendent actions, that help us move toward enlightenment. It's not one that most people are eager to talk about. Discipline brings up fears of shame, blame, and deprivation. Buddhist teachers say it's not so. In the Shambhala teachings, it's said that discipline bring joy.

New scientific research agrees.

Finding Mindfulness Through a Gnarly Bike Crash

Last week Brett Boyar’s post on this blog, titled “Use Your Non-Dominant Hand”, got me thinking about being more mindful about the tasks I do every day with my hands. As Brett described that week’s mindfulness exercise, and the interesting insights he gained from it, I started to wonder if I should give it a try once in a while and see what would come of it.

Drinking Makes Me Feel

I break from routine imbibing to explore abstinence and its effects on my mind and body

Full Catastrophe Tuesday

Yesterday on the N train, a man who was standing in front of me suddenly reached over and punched the open window above me in order to close it. I had just put down my book and was in this in-between state, still sort of in the world of my book, coming back slowly into the world of the subway, and this loud noise and violent motion startled me. Even though no harm had been done to me or anyone, waves of anger and fear arose. My annoyance at this man churned in my thoughts and fueled my feelings for the next twenty minutes. I got curious about that.

The Dharma of Bad Hair Days

Nearly every morning of my life for the past dozen-ish years has included a loud whir, a prolonged blast of heat, and a clamping down of sizzling metal plates—all of which can last up to forty minutes. Convinced that my hair in its natural state of waviness was/is unacceptable to society (and to myself,) I have been ironing the living curls out of my hair since I was in middle school, and I recently realized how angry I am about the fact that I have never questioned this ritual.

Dharma Connect: The Good News About Feeling Bad

Meditation is about making friends with our whole being and learning to accept what we're tempted to reject, suppress, or avoid because it feels uncomfortable. I know, from personal experience, that's a beneficial thing. Now there's scientific evidence.

A Prayer of Thanks

A friend of mine became interested in attending classes at IDP because, she said, she wanted to find something that had a se

Dharma Connect: Metta Gets On Your Vagus Nerve

A new study finds that lovingkindness meditation makes your vagus nerve more responsive. That's meaningful because it is involved in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and immune responses.

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