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What is Work?

An invitation to blog in promotion of Sharon Salzberg's latest book release inspires me to investigate my own perceptions of work, which can be limiting, and also shift to be liberating. 

Mindfulness v. Meditation in the Court of Public Opinion

Mindfulness and meditation are getting a lot of press these days, with a lot of new science coming out and people wanting to find sanity in an increasingly complex world.  We should not be surprised, then, if the press begin to make hyperbolic statements about them - treating them as if they are the new cure-all for our ills.  We should be even less surprised when there is a backlash against it.

The "I" in Pain

Often when we experience pain on the cushion (or elsewhere) we immediately try to problem-solve it away. Should I straighten my back? Do I need a different cushion? We strategize, reaching into our toolbox of body knowledge. What often get skipped over in this process is what Mark Epstein, in "Thoughts Without a Thinker" calls "… The 'I' that was feeling hurt." Our humanity gets lost when we try to tackle every physical problem as if it's just a matter of picking the right screwdriver: Flathead or Phillips?

Excavating the Sitting Bones

Somewhere underneath you right now are two protrusions known as the sitting bones. If you cup your buttocks in the palms of your hands (NSFW?), you’ll feel these prominences which form the southernmost points of the pelvis. Try slumping back and you'll notice that the sitting bones rotate forward.

Responsible eConsumption: I Can Get Some Satisfaction

January Is IDP Responsible eConsumption Month, and I've been observing it by not turning on electronic devices during the first hour I'm awake. The experience has been as different as the days.

Responsible eConsumption Month: Morning Quiet

January is IDP's Responsible eConsumption Month, and there's a challenge to turn off your electronics for an hour a day. For me, the challenge is where can I find that hour?

In Sitting Posture, Is 90° a Wrong Angle?

Modern research on ergonomics (the interaction between people and their work environment) is confirming what meditators have known and expressed for thousands of years: sitting with your legs and torso at 90° is mad difficult.

Your Trashy Postural Habits, and How They Are the Key to Uprightness

The moment you start thinking you need to meet the world with good posture – it's over; you're screwed. You’ve empowered the belief that being upright means you can’t really be yourself. It’s too easy to jettison our spontaneity and sense of humor in an effort to become a statue of good posture.

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