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Message from my Body: Stop Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

My body isn't thrilled with some of my wardrobe choices, apparently. I didn't know this until I actually listened. Or rather, until I asked.

The "P" Word: Background

As various thinkers attempt to position Buddhism in relation to "Western Psychology," I thought IDP folks might benefit from understanding some of the movements that are lumped into the latter.

Dharma Connect: What If Holden Caulfield Had Meditated?

A new study found that adolescents who participated in a mindfulness program at school reported reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress up to six months later. Furthermore, these teen students were less likely to develop more severe symptoms of depression.

Dharma Connect: Finding Calm in a Cab

A Manhattan taxi cab is one of the last places you'd expect to find ease or to try shamata -- calm-abiding -- meditation. But if you take a cab this week, you may find yourself listening to guided meditations (in addition to honking horns and screeching brakes).

Dharma Connect: Harvard Offers Meditation Hotline

Imagine the stress faced by students at the nation's top universities, particularly one as competitive and proud as Harvard.

Now imagine the pressure on the people who have to deal with them -- faculty, administrators, other Harvard employees.

Dharma Connect: The Interdependence of Coca-Cola

There's a Zen meal chant that says, "72 laborers brought us this food; we should know how it comes to us." If the meal involves a can of Coke, that's a serious understatement.

Searching for a Self, Scientifically

IDP's Fall 2012 class series, "In Search of the Self," explored the many ways we construct ideas about who we are and reviewed several Buddhist theories on how we create a sense of self and why we cling to it. It's a fascinating subject, of course -- who are we? Why do we react the way we do? How do we build our sense of self -- and how do we deconstruct it.

28-Day Meditation Challenge Day 12: What I Learned from Body Scans

Before I started meditating I took yoga classes for several years. I was no poster girl for yoga, but I did develop a familiarity with my body's mechanics.  So I was pretty smug when I was introduced to mindfulness of body. I knew my body.
Thing is, I knew how my body worked (or didn't). I knew how it looked. I didn't know how it felt.

Interdependence and Our Relationship to Animals

Exploring our openness to and cultivating respect for animals is an important practice in compassion and empathy.

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