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Responsible eConsumption: I Can Get Some Satisfaction

January Is IDP Responsible eConsumption Month, and I've been observing it by not turning on electronic devices during the first hour I'm awake. The experience has been as different as the days.

Responsible eConsumption Month: Morning Quiet

January is IDP's Responsible eConsumption Month, and there's a challenge to turn off your electronics for an hour a day. For me, the challenge is where can I find that hour?

In Sitting Posture, Is 90° a Wrong Angle?

Modern research on ergonomics (the interaction between people and their work environment) is confirming what meditators have known and expressed for thousands of years: sitting with your legs and torso at 90° is mad difficult.

Your Trashy Postural Habits, and How They Are the Key to Uprightness

The moment you start thinking you need to meet the world with good posture – it's over; you're screwed. You’ve empowered the belief that being upright means you can’t really be yourself. It’s too easy to jettison our spontaneity and sense of humor in an effort to become a statue of good posture.

Dharma Connect: A Day of Mindfulness Meditation Has Molecular Effects

A new study has found specific molecular changes from a day of mindfulness meditation. Researchers believe it's the first study to find rapid alterations in gene expression from mindfulness meditation.

Creative Intelligence and Authenticity Needed Now

Our times demand that we utilize the whole of our human potential in order to solve personal and global problems.  The future demands training in the entirety of our innate capacity – what I am calling “creative intelligence,” and the development of tools and promoting awareness of the potential within each of us to function as fully authentic beings.

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