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The Dharma of Bad Hair Days

Nearly every morning of my life for the past dozen-ish years has included a loud whir, a prolonged blast of heat, and a clamping down of sizzling metal plates—all of which can last up to forty minutes. Convinced that my hair in its natural state of waviness was/is unacceptable to society (and to myself,) I have been ironing the living curls out of my hair since I was in middle school, and I recently realized how angry I am about the fact that I have never questioned this ritual.

Dharma Connect: The Good News About Feeling Bad

Meditation is about making friends with our whole being and learning to accept what we're tempted to reject, suppress, or avoid because it feels uncomfortable. I know, from personal experience, that's a beneficial thing. Now there's scientific evidence.

A Prayer of Thanks

A friend of mine became interested in attending classes at IDP because, she said, she wanted to find something that had a se

Dharma Connect: Metta Gets On Your Vagus Nerve

A new study finds that lovingkindness meditation makes your vagus nerve more responsive. That's meaningful because it is involved in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and immune responses.

Women and Self-Care

Gender generalizations make me uneasy. But after practicing psychotherapy for many years with women from diverse racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, there’s one that is unfortunately consistent: most women struggle with genuine self-care.

Dharma (Dis)Connect: Taking Mindfulness Out of School

Lots of schools are using mindfulness meditation to help students improve their focus and ease stress. There's both empirical and anecdotal evidence that it works. But one Ohio school system is moving the other way, dropping mindfulness instruction due to parents' objections.

A Mindful Poop

At the Interdependence Project, we support all types of mindfulness—mindfulness of mind, mindfulness of breath, mindfulness of emotions, mindfulness of eating tacos, and, yes, mindfulness of poop.

Pooping is an age-old art that almost all humans partake in. Though some may deny it, chances are if they are alive, they have pooped.

The Buddha encouraged us to pay attention to our poop:

Take Two Brian Eno and Call Me in the Morning

The Guardian newspaper reports that a hospital in England has installed a quiet room designed by ambient music pioneer Brian Eno.  It's being offered as a place to help patients relax, and doctors plan to monitor people who use the room to see if their pulse and blood pressure are affected by it.  

Human Touch Reduces Stored Trauma

Peter Levine is a psychotherapist whose work has greatly influenced the field of trauma therapy, particularly trauma that is stored in the body. He offers this advice for minimizing the future onset of traumatic symptoms:

Message from my Body: Stop Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

My body isn't thrilled with some of my wardrobe choices, apparently. I didn't know this until I actually listened. Or rather, until I asked.

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