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Mindfulness Plus + Compassion Programs
For Business and Leadership
Learning how to pay attention using mindfulness and insight techniques while learning to cultivate compassion alleviates stress, improves decision-making, and creates more productive and meaningful relationships in and out of the workplace.
Using traditional mindfulness techniques to develop moment-to-moment clarity, and practicing lovingkindness meditation to build a stable and focused mind, our workshops and classes help individuals feel happier, more connected, and wiser.
Our offerings include:
·       Step-by-step guided mindfulness meditation instruction
·       Working with thoughts and emotions that arise
·       Mindful eating and mindful movement exercises
·       Appreciating and supporting beneficial intentions for self and others
·       Developing self-compassion:  understanding and developing patience and kindness
·       Support for a daily meditation practice
Daylong Retreat - a six hour program designed to introduce the foundations of mindfulness through guided instruction and discussion, and demonstrate simple techniques of compassion through experiential exercises and group discussion. This workshop includes mindful eating and movement, stress management practices, working with difficult emotions and feelings, and developing kindness and happiness.
Half-Day Workshop - a three hour program designed to introduce the basics of mindfulness through guided instruction, and demonstrate simple techniques of compassion.  This workshop includes mindful movement.
Mindfulness Self-Care Six Week Course - a weekly two hour class to introduce the foundations of mindfulness, concentration, and compassion.  It includes methods to work with difficulties which can arise during meditation, ways to establish a daily practice, and how to approach and work with stress, emotion regulation, and thoughtful communication.
We can design a program tailored to address the needs of your company, and can also train individuals from your staff to lead daily meditations to insure ongoing practice support for your employees. 
Contact our Executive Director, Kimberly Brown, for more information and for booking at this link.

The Interdependence Project has been offering meditation, mindfulness, and compassion trainings since 2007.  We're committed to helping everyone discover their full potential for wisdom and connection.  Our certified instructors have extensive personal meditation practice and retreat experience in many traditions, and years of teaching meditation to individuals and groups.  


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