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How do you define meditation?

"A tool for mindfulness and a way of accessing our true nature."

"My teacher said: Correct meditation is not about a particular posture, clothes, cushion, or technique. Correct meditation is maintaining your mind moment after moment."

Resources: Insight Timer App | Walking Meditation | IDP Workshops | Buddhism 101

What does beginner's mind mean to you?

"The way we understand/develop/expand our knowledge of our reality is infinite. We can approach each moment like we've never experienced it before, like looking through a kaleidoscope - you never see the same pattern twice. With that freshness and openness of mind, each moment has infinite potential. This especially applies when we experience feeling stuck or hard on ourselves. Having a beginner's mind helps to wipe that slate clean, and start at the very basics of our experience, to relish what's right in front of us in the present moment."

What supports your meditation practice and what does it look like?

Sangha supports practice.

"A community of other meditators. Meditation doesn't have to be a solitary thing. I meet a few people twice a month to meditate, and I also meet with the IDP Board once a month. I use Insight Timer App which connects me to meditators worldwide. My practice is steady (morning - either sit or yoga, mid-day - a quick sit if I can manage to do it, and evening before bed I do lying meditation and intention setting which helps me to fall asleep. Throughout the day, if I remember (sati), I will choose a mundane activity (like washing dishes, filling up my water pitcher) with present awareness and breathing."

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