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Becoming Who You Are at Your Core

How early trauma shapes our sense of self and how to exit our trauma biography

What does it mean to live a good life and how is it possible to feel safe and connected in loving relationships? In IoPT (Identity-Oriented Psycho-trauma Theory), the prevailing attitude towards life and the success of our relationships is determined from our conception onwards through the way we attach to our parents/caretakers. Trauma can be a single shocking event or the ongoing experience of emotional overwhelm throughout our childhood.


Working with one's intentions and using the human capacity to resonate, IoPT shows ways out of the repetitive cycle of trauma feelings and responses. When compassionately and proactively turning to ourselves, we gain the capacity and clarity to take possession of ourselves again.


This one-time four-hour workshop will run via Zoom on Saturday, January 28th, from 10am to 2pm ET. This class is ideal for both beginners and advanced practitioners. 

Registration and Payment

You may register for this workshop using the sign-up form below. We have offered two options for your convenience, one "Supported Tuition" to support those who may need financial assistance and one "Actual Cost" to cover the actual cost to IDP.  Please choose your rate mindfully and be as generous as possible so that IDP may continue to offer financial assistance to those in need of other offerings.

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Meet the Instructor

Katharina Mauer (she/her) is a German-American communications professional and mediator. In 2018, she graduated from the IDP's MTT. For the past few years, she has been trying to get to the bottom of our "sense of Self" and how this informs relationships and conflicts. Since returning to Germany in 2021, Katharina has trained in an (early) trauma healing modality, called Identity-oriented Psycho Trauma Therapy (IoPT), which now forms the basis of her work as a trauma-informed consultant and coach. You can find more about Katharina here:

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Becoming Who You Are at Your Core

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