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Community Conversation Series

With Consuela Chapman

In this meditation series, we invite participants to explore and clarify their definition of love, compassion and forgiveness by examining the concept of “Metta”.  In each 90 min session, we focuse on using Metta to explore our loving relationships with others but more importantly with ourselves.  We will offer a mix of informational talk, journal prompts, and opportunities to share;  followed by a short Metta meditation.

3 sessions on Sunday afternoons at 3pm-4:30pm Eastern

Live Online via Zoom

April 9th: Love

April 16th: Compassion

April 23rd: Forgiveness

During each session participants will:

  • Identify the cognitive, affective, intentional, and motivational components of love, compassion and forgiveness

  • Learn how to respond to difficult times in our lives with kindness and care

  • Motivate yourself using compassion instead of criticism

  • How meditation can help cultivate compassion for yourself and others

  • Guided Meditation


Learning objectives:  

  • Define metta  

  • Describe the 5 love languages

  • Identify their love language

  • Understand how a metta frame of reference can improve all relationships including relationships with others and ourselves.

Consuela Chapman MSW, LCSW, LCAS, TTS, CCS, HC

Connie is a dually licensed, certified integrated mental health professional, journal junkie, and meditation teacher. Connie lives in Raleigh NC where she operates Choices In Wellness a mental health and wellness group.  She is a graduate of IDP's 200 hr MTT, and believes through love, compassion, forgiveness, and awareness; one can heal.  A community that can heal together can thrive together!

Connect with Connie here:
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