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Super Soul Sunday

A FREE Pre-Valentines Day Retreat

Feb. 12th. 2023

1:00 pm. - 5:00 pm EST

On the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, please join IDP at our second annual Valentine’s Day Retreat. We will be holding eight thirty minute Sessions from 1:00 - 5:00 PM EST.

This offering is FREE. We welcome anyone who wants to attend.

If you are not planning to stay the whole time, please come in at the half hour/hour mark so as to allow for uninterrupted sessions. 

Please see the schedule here:

1:00  -  1:30 | A Metta practice with Oneika Mays

1:30  -  2:00 | Loving Kindness practice with Priscilla Marrero

2:00 -  2:30 | Stråla yoga with Rae Broderick

2:30 -  3:00 | Meditation with Kat Hendrix

3:00 -  3:30 | Dharma talk with Alyssa Marino

3:30 -  4:00 | Pranayama with Rashidah Ali

4:00 -  4:30 | Body movement & Breath sounds with A.yoni Jeffries

4:30 -  5:00 | Closing practice with Seanan Forbes

The theme for this retreat will be Self Love ❤️ 



DD29A17D-B2F8-4D14-9E6A-41949F35C43A - Oneika Mays.jpeg

Connect with Oneika Mays:
1pm - 1:30pm

Coming Home to Our Hearts

-Oneika Mays

A loving kindness practice for today’s challenging times. Join Oneika Mays meditation and yoga teacher for a powerful and relaxing Metta meditation. Cultivate a sense of wholeness and connection with this meditation that includes visualization. Come sit, acknowledge every part of yourself with tenderness and care.

Web_Size-3 - Priscilla Marrero.jpg

Connect with Priscilla Marrero:
1:30pm - 2pm

"Mi Casa es La Pelvis"

-Priscilla Marrero

This will be a loving-kindness/Metta practice centered on La Pelvis, connecting with the root of your essence through the breath, mindfulness meditation, movement, and a little bit of humor. Our time together is inspired by somatic work, and Afro-Caribbean dance improvisational practices. Bring something to write with, wear something comfortable to move in, and create a safe space to be on the floor and play in.

3CC49D50-EF01-4C54-B899-81FDFC24DC11 - Rachel Broderick.jpeg

Connect with Rae:
2pm - 2:30pm 

stråla yoga

-Rae Broderick

stråla yoga combines the movement + healing wisdom of tai chi with the form vocabularies of yoga, tai chi, qigong + traditional chinese + japanese medicine to help people release stress, move easily through challenge + live radiantly inspiring lives.

2:30pm - 3pm 

Self-love & Kindness 

-Kat Hendrix

This meditation is inspired by Tibetan Buddhist visualizations that take participants on a soulful journey to heal afflictions, cultivating more space for love, compassion, and kindness.

Connect with Kat 
Alyssa Marino Medina - Violet Moon.jpeg
3pm - 3:30pm

Infinite &
Boundless Love 

-Alyssa Ma
rino Medina (she/her)

Start with a short talk on the scarcity view of love as a finite resource to be doled out in small measures to only a few people and how love is actually an infinite and bottomless well followed by a guided meditation on offering infinite boundless love to people.

Connect with Alyssa
3:30pm - 4pm 

Mindful movement & Pranayama 

-Rashidah A
li (they/them)

A mindful movement & meditation practice to cultivate healing and connection with our bodies. An integration practice of body awareness, slow stretching, free movement & guided pranayama. Support yourself during this time with a blanket, cushion, or blanket. You can set up on a yoga met or even do this practice from your bed.

4pm - 4:30pm

-A.yoni Jeffries

This session is an exploration of body sounds and breath work. We will use the simple technique of humming to revitalize our bodies, minds and emotional selves. We look forward to having you join us in this cacophonous healing session. As we explore our own voices and stabilize our nervous systems, I invite you to relax and relish in this present moment that we share. Together we're better, especially when encompassed in an atmosphere of Love.



Our Hearts Home

eánan Forbes (they/them)
Gathering from the cultivated garden of our day, our sangha will collectively create a mindful, heart-full poem, moving from our retreat back to our daily lives with artful grace. Participants will receive a print-quality PDF for the meditative poets who turned love into words. 

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