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An online workshop via Zoom

Thursday November 9th 7pm-8pm ET

This interactive workshop uses psychological strategies, wisdom from ancient cultures, and meditation to break free from a harsh inner voice and uncover how the inner critic was created, what purpose it serves, and how we can transform harsh judgments into wise discernments.


Some topics we will address include:

-How does easing the inner critic lead to better mental health?

-How does self-compassion impact the body and brain?

-How is self-compassion different from self-indulgence and self-esteem?

-What are some tools for working with the inner critic?


This event is Online. 

Connect with Elizabeth: Website | Instagram 
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Meet the Instructor

Elizabeth Pyjov, JD, MTS is a meditation teacher, facilitator, scholar, theologian, lawyer, writer, and published poet who holds three Harvard degrees, speaks five languages, and has designed over thirty different programs for happiness, energy, connection, and resilience. Elizabeth has taught 10,000 people to mediate She studied neuroscience at Stanford Medical School and brings brain science to every program she designs and facilitates. This work is the biggest privilege of her life.

Thursday November 9th at 7pm-8pm ET

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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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