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Getting Unstuck: Karma, Free Will & True Freedom

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Most of us find ourselves stuck in some patterns. We date the same type of person over and over. We get in the same arguments with our partners, parents, or children over and over. This is interesting. We don't want to keep having the same arguments but we don't seem to be able to stop. Don't we have free will? Yes, but it's not what we believe it to be, and as long as we continue to misunderstand it, we will stay stuck. This 6-week workshop will examine the teachings on Karma and Free Will, both from a Buddhist philosophical perspective and from a scientific psychological perspective. We will use the book, Finding the Freedom to Get Unstuck and Be Happier (2021, Penguin) as a basis. 


Monday evenings 7pm - 8:30pm EST

This offering will take place Online via Zoom over 6 sessions

April 10thIndividual Karma

April 17th: Learning is Karma

April 24th: Relational Karma, Communal Karma

Session break: No Class May 1st

May 8th: The Science of Free Will

May 15th:  Free Will in Buddhism

May 22nd: Finding Freedom

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Getting Unstuck: Karma, Free Will & True Freedom

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About the Instructor

Cheolsoeng 22-2 (2) - Douglas Gentile.jpg
Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile (he/him)

A Zen monk and Distinguished Professor of psychology, and the author of the text we will use for this course: Finding the Freedom to Get Unstuck and be Happier. He has been involved in IDP in one way or another for many years, and is the guiding teacher of the Ames Buddhist Mahasangha.

Book of reference: Finding the Freedom to Get Unstuck and Be Happier
by Ven. Dr. Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile 


Session 1 - Chapters 1-3

Session 2 - Chapter 4

Session 3 - Chapters 5-7

Session 4 - Chapters 8-11

Session 5 - Chapters 12 - 13

Session 6 - Chapters 14-16

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