The 8 Dissolutions
with Erik Bergrin

"The 8 Dissolutions" exhibition explores mortality in the recurring cycle of death and rebirth. The work is inspired by Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice that visualizes the shutting down of the senses and elements of the body one by one in 8 stages. Artist Erik Bergrin practiced this visualization repeatedly to visualize the textures of the pieces.

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Each intricate wearable piece is associated with a dissolution and is accompanied by a mudra (or hand gesture). The wearable pieces are created using traditional techniques such as weaving and felting, as well as grown and developed from unusual materials such as seaweed, kombucha leather (or fermented tea), and different types of crystallizations. Each piece is associated with a sound that is layered one by one to make the soundtrack for the video, which is linked below. 

While the showcase was originally displayed in the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ, it is now displayed at Zaz10 gallery in Times Square and accompanied by "The 8 Dissolutions" video being shown on one of the large LED billboards in Times Square.


Erik Bergrin, graduate of IDPs MTT will be guiding us through a practice on The 8 Dissolutions and sharing the video accompanying the show with the IDP community on Monday, August 15th at 7pm. EST. This hour and a half long virtual event is $15, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. The event will also include a closing Q&A with the artist.

Meet the Instructor
Erik Bergrin (he/him) is a fiber artist based in NYC, who fuses ancient and contemporary fiber techniques in works which alchemize psychological shadows into creative freedom . The artist draws on his background in costume design, as well as a  study in meditation and the investigation of the mind in order to make the work. This work has been featured in galleries and museums such as Marlborough Contemporary, The State Historical Museum in Moscow, the Morris Museum,, The Bakrushian Museum Moscow, The Society of Arts and Crafts Boston, and more. He has designed costumes for shows and movies such as, “A Wounded fawn,” on Shudder,  John Cameron Mitchell’s,”Origin of Love tour, “Goodbar,” at the Public theater.  Erik’s creations have been in publications such as  Dazed and Confused, Zink, NyTimes, NY Mag, King Kong, and many more.