Sit Down, Rise Up 24 Hour Meditation Marathon

Fall 2009 Fundraiser


ABC Carpet & Home
888 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
United States
Phone: 212.202.3608


Fri, 11/6/2009, 6:00pm - Sat, 11/7/2009, 7:00pm


On November 6th and 7th, the ID Project held our largest fundraiser to date in the form of a 24- hour Meditation Marathon in the window displays of ABC Carpet & Home. We have raised over $30,000 for the organization to develop as a true community center, develop a radio show and our activism projects in the coming year. Donations are still trickling in as we also need additional support in order to raise funds for the organization to continue providing great classes, events and projects for the upcoming year, and expand the scope of our transformative community.

How to Make a Donation

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About the Event

Our “Sit Down, Rise Up" 24hour Meditation Marathon is aimed at raising funds for the organization to continue providing our classes, events and projects for the upcoming year.

We will be sitting in the window boxes at ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway in Manhattan near Union Square from 7pm Friday Nov. 6th until 7pm Saturday Nov. 7th, 2009. The participants will be sitting in 4-hour shifts with walking meditation and yoga breaks. There will be a kick-off event which you are all invited to attend at 6pm on Friday evening, it will feature a dedication of the space and short opening ceremony.

ABC Carpet & Home is a company dedicated to the principles of sustainability through responsible manufacturing and retail. Their storefront location will provide us an ideal space for us to raise awareness of our organization, the practice of meditation and the insight of the interconnectedness.

The fundraising for this event will be done by individual IDP community members through the generosity of friends and family who sponsor them as they meditate for part or all of the event. Each member participating in the event will be expected to commit to a set fundraising goal of $480.

We hope to establish this event as an annual fundraiser allowing us to eventually partner with other meditation centers across the city.

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How you can get involved

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Sign-up to help run the event!
We will need monitors, information kiosk volunteers, timers and lots of other helpful positions. Please contact Andrew Bowler if you’d like to get involved!

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