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Finding Peace in the Broken Pieces
Working with loss

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A weekend retreat online via Zoom

Saturday May 4th at 9:00am- 6:00pm ET
Sunday May 5th at 9:00am - 4:00pm ET

We are all on a journey of healing from some form of loss or grief. How can meditation and mindfulness help us deal with grief? Are there Buddhist concepts that can help me understand and work through my loss? What language should I use that would be helpful? What do I do with my feeling of loss? This retreat is about exploring the brokenness in ourselves. We will use meditation, conversation, and Buddhist concepts to learn how to work to acceptance and peace in our lives.


Meditation practice

Dyads - questions in small groups 



This retreat is offered on a sliding scale of $20 - $100

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Meet your teacher
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Alyssa Marino (she/her)
Dharma Teacher 

Alyssa is a trans, pan and poly, Latina. She is a civil engineer, teacher, and social justice volunteer. She is a practicing Buddhist since 2009. Her studies and practice have been primarily within the Tibetan Buddhist traditions where she is a vajrayana practitioner since 2016. Trained as a umdze (chant and practice leader) she has been leading queer meditation groups and retreats since 2012. Now a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher starting a new career bringing diversity, inclusion, and equity combined with meditation to New Yorkers and beyond and is seeking to earn a masters degree in mental health and divinity.

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