Mindful Heart - Wednesday Nights - January 16 - February 20

Developing Your Inherent Wisdom


Wed, 1/16/2013, 7:00pm - 9:00pm




Mindfulness, the ability to have awareness of what is happening in the present moment, is an inherent ability each of us is born with.   In our hectic and distracting world, it’s easy to get lost in worry about the future and regret about the past and miss our actual experience of right now. Training in mindfulness allows us to recover the reality of the present moment and develop clarity about what’s really happening in our personal relationships, our community, and our world.  

This series offers tools to help you practice mindfulness throughout the day in any situation, and will discuss the benefits of paying attention, the inseparability of our hearts & minds, and the wisdom underlying all our confusion.  


Week One:  Kate & Lawrence - What is Mindfulness?  -  The term "mindfulness" is commonly used to describe anything from paying close attention to being somewhat careful. In this first class we'll discuss what it truly means to be mindful, go over some simple mindfulness techniques you can use anytime, anywhere, and how we can learn to tap into and strengthen the natural, innate state of mindfulness.


Week Two:  Kate & Lawrence - What’s Going On?  - Discover the importance and benefits of focusing your attention on what’s happening right now in the present moment.   When we get lost in our stories we tend to make make bad decisions that lead to even worse outcomes. Learn how to recognize your thought patterns and stories so you can begin the process of discerning what’s true and what’s false.

Week Three:  Kate & Lawrence - Working with Compassion - We tend to judge every aspect of our lives rather than simply experiencing it with clarity and equanimity. By being in constant conflict with whatever is happening around us, we end up feeling stressed out, disappointed, and angry. Learn how we can use mindfulness to help us be completely open to our experience rather than at odds with it, and discover how our judgments and fears keep us cut off from our true self and the the true nature of all things. 


Week Four:  Kate & Lawrence - Opening Your Heart - As we learn to be fully present to our experience, we begin to see how our heart/mind is linked to all others, and how compassion and interdependence are inextricably linked. By developing an experiential understanding of how all things are interconnected, we prepare the ground from which a true sense of compassion cam arise naturally and effortlessly. 


Week Five: Kate & Kim - Finding Clarity - Compassion is awesome, but without clarity and wisdom it can easily devolve into martyrdom, pity, or confusion. In this class we’ll learn how to uncover our inherent ability to see clearly and

make skillful choices of thought, word, and deed that lead to more happiness and less suffering for everyone involved.

Week Six: Kim & Lawrence - Mindfulness Every Moment - Learn how to live a fully Mindful Life with yourself, your family and friends, and colleagues.  Discover how to be fully present with wisdom and compassion in every situation whether challenging or pleasant, including your family, community, and co-workers.


Kate Johnson, Teacher

A lifelong dancer and longtime yogi, Kate finally learned to sit still at The Interdependence Project, where she completed the year-long Training Immersion Program in December 2011.  A student in the Insight (Vipassana) meditation tradition, she will complete the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation teacher training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center this year. Kate teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation to high school students in public schools throughout NYC, and is a co-owner of Third Root Community Health Center (www.thirdroot.org), a radically accessible holistic health care cooperative in Brooklyn, NY.


Ven. Lawrence Dō'an Grecco

Ven. Lawrence Dō'an Grecco is a Zen Buddhist monk, Buddhist teacher, and certified Zen teacher. He was ordained in the Korean Zen tradition as represented by the Five Mountain Zen Order and the Vietnamese lineage of Ven. Dr. Thich Thien-An. Lawrence is an authorized teacher at the Interdependence Project and holds a certificate in Foundations in Buddhist Chaplaincy from the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care. He writes for The Interdependence Project  in addition to his own blog Open Sky Zen, and works with individuals and couples as a life coach and wedding officiant. Lawrence is the Founding Director of Open Sky Zen Meditation & Buddhist Studies Group which meets regularly in Manhattan. For more information about Lawrence, please visit www.lawrencegrecco.com.


Kimberly Brown

Kimberly is both a student and a teacher at The Interdependence Project.  She's a graduate of the first IDP Yearlong Training Immersion Program, is a Tibetan Buddhist, and practices Kriya Yoga with Alan Finger.  Kimberly has degrees in physics and literature, and spent several years in post-graduate training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist.  She teaches dharma classes and meditation at IDP and privately, and is filled with tremendous gratitude for The Interdependence Project community and its founder, Ethan Nichtern. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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